2 stone still to lose

Hi everyone, as you can see I haven't been on for a while and last time I was on I was in the same position as I am now. The only difference this time is I have a wedding in 8 weeks and really need some support to lose the weight. Am ready to do this so of anyone is willing to offer advice I will gladly take it. Previously I have had good advice from other members, any advice to date will be much appreciated 😊


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8 Replies

  • I'm losing for a wedding too. Just try to count calories carefully and try making sure you start the day with a good breakfast, this might help cut snack cravings. Good luck x

  • Thanks poppytepat it's hard going but think with support from the forum and just being organised I can do it, I hope 😳 lol. Thanks for the reply x

  • Get most of your calories from natural fat. Control your carbohydrate intake to about 35g-40g per meal from milk, sweetcorn, sweet potato, bulgur wheat, quinoa, whole-grain pasta, peas, beans (from dry), chickpeas, barely-ripe banana, or additive-free dried apricots. Have a palm-size or less of protein at each meal too, which along with the fat will prevent you getting hungry.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks concerned that's great advice and greatly appreciated x

  • Welcome back. Restart the 12 week plan and a calorie counting app. Stay strong and take it one day at a time. You can do this and the forum is a great place for support and advice

  • Thanks fibronfedup I need all the support I can get x

  • NHS 12 week plan is a real winner for me, good healthy eating and a long term change in eating habits. Good luck in finding a system that works for you.

  • Thanks Jenever, I appreciate the advice. I started healthy eating today and so far I have only had 1200 calories, feeling hungry now though, need to focus lol x

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