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Blow out!!

Uhho after two weeks of religiously sticking to a reduced calorie/increased exercise diet, I went to visit my brother in London, meaning being treated to meals out and mucho wine & beer. Which then results in the morning after sugar lows (lots and lots of munchies). I'm dreading the weigh tmrw and undoing my 3.5kg loss so far...it always seems to be this 2 week period when I can't refuse the 'social pressure (enjoyment)' of drinks & snacks, which leads me down the path of all or nothing...any tips?

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Any changes you make should be enjoyable, so you want to keep them. Eating a balanced diet of less than a palm-size of natural protein, between 30g and 50g of low Gi carbs, with the balance made up of natural fat each meal will not only be enjoyable, it will make it easy to resist junk. Your body will be able to burn fat for fuel, you will have glycogen to draw on for intense activities, and protein to stave-off hunger.

As for the alcohol, is that habit, or could you have a problem?


Thank you 'concerned' for the sound nutritional advice, you're right, once on the path of healthy eating it quickly becomes enjoyable and easier to sustain. Good idea with sticking to more low GI. It's quite a jump though to imply that I might have an alcohol habit or problem from one post! I did mean 'all or nothing' in terms of eating, not drinking!! For me the struggle is balancing between having a small break in my diet and the thought, 'oh well I've ruined it now' & to then carry on eating. I think Anna999's point of concentrating on mindful eating may be a good route to follow. Thanks both for the ideas xx


Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow, hopefully a few days won't have undone all your hard work. It is hard as healthy lifestyle changes need to incorporate having a social life! I think it's just about still being mindful, choosing slightly healthier options when out to eat - going for meat and veggy options rather than heavy carbs like pasta and creamy sauces. Beer and wine are very calorific so maybe try switching to spirits if you're going to have more than 1. Good luck, hope you find what works for you 🌸

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