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not so happy this week. I started my nhs weight loss plan 3 weeks ago, first week I stayed the same but lost 1/2 inch off my waist (easter weekend), last week I lost 2lbs and another 1/2 inch, but this week I got ill half way through and struggled to face some foods or have the energy to cook healthier foods, and now I've stayed the same this week. I'm proud I haven't put any on considering the only option in this house last night was Chinese takeaway, but I'm down that I've got ill and its prevented me from sticking to my weight loss plan proper and in 3 weeks only losing 2lbs, when I was aiming for 1lb a week.

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Hi! Chinese takeaways are very salty, so you probably retained water, drink a lot of water and stick to your routine, your scales will show the loss next week, :) Take care!


My advice is to stay positive. Just think how long you've been worried about your weight but now you've lost 2lbs in 3 weeks. Have you put on 2lbs in a week in the past? Christmas time maybe? I think we all know it's easier to put it on then take it off. The main thing is that you don't give up. It might take a time but you will get to your goal weight. Keep in touch and we'll keep you going!

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