MFP great booster!!

Weather is so gorgeous that went out on my bike. Love riding along the sea coast so headed down that way, took me 1hr 45min one way, stopped for a coffee and as I get bored repeating route I got trains to another destination and biked home from there, took me 35mins. Have just put it into MFP and according to the app riding at a slow rate, I don't count hills etc, I have exercised over my allowance for a whole day!!! 1548cals-now thats what I call a real boost LOL Needless to say I shan't be using those excess cals. Can my day get any better?? lost more weight than I thought this morning and now this-they say it comes in three's so if thats true hope its something nice. Going to sit in garden now and sunbathe, think I deserve it, housework can wait!!


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7 Replies

  • Sounds like a lovely day. Unfortunately I am stuck in the office. I am feeling very jealous!

  • Sounds like a lovely day, and what a bonus burning all those calories! Enjoy your sunbathe! 🌸

  • That is a good day! Not only are you losing weight you seem really happy too. Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow too. :)

  • Thanks, really enjoyed yesterday except bit spoilt by hubby because I'd asked him to put sausages under grill so that when I got back from gym classes they would be ready. My hubby is not good at anything relating to cooking/home etc and he had put veg sausages under grill instead of the pork ones in fridge. The veg sausages were rock hard!!! I Needless to say I gave him the veg sausages and I did the pork ones for myself which were delicious!! LOL

  • What a great day! I'm glad that you're enjoying your new lifestyle, :)

  • You're so lucky being able to bike near the sea. It must feel great to be able to do that.

  • I have to bike about 35mins to get to beach on my bike but were I have our caravan in Wales we are just 2mins walk to the beach which is really great!

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