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Hooray finally under 62kg!

I'm pleased to say I've finally dipped under 62kg (61.7kg) after being stuck on '62-something' for over 2 weeks. I've now lost in total in 6 weeks 6.3kg, and ideally would like to lose a further 3.7kg in the remaining 6 weeks. All tips welcome. My calorie counting is going well (usually only a little more or less than 1400), but I'm struggling with exercise. Any ideas that don't involve the gym (part-time work and baby = tough to fit in) or running as I have a damaged knee. Thanks, and good luck everyone!

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Hi Deb!

Well done. I have unfortunately crept up to 64.1kg. That's a total of 4kg but over a much longer period than you. I am going to be good this week though.

Do you have any tips for me?!

I have a bad ankle so running is a no no for me as well. I use an exercise bike (you can pick them up quite cheaply on places like gumtree) during the week and go out on my bike at the weekend.

Have you tried looking up exercise routines on YouTube? I did a 10 minute one from the British Heart Foundation and a 10 minute one with an exercise ball (which was a Christmas present).

Keep up the good work.


Well done thats great, a good feeling when you stay strong and overcome a plateau. I suffer with bad back and knees i started doing step ups on a wii fit board at home, and increased intensity as i got fitter. You could try doing some weights as that helps to burn fat, you dont need a proper set find some exercises online and use tins of food or bottled water. Lots of videos online of exercises you can do at home with minimal equipment for all fitness and health levels, find one that works best for you. All the best

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Thank you all, great ideas re on-line routines and weights. My main tips Alex I think would be 1) really count everything you eat and drink. I saw today that someone even counted lockets and lemsips when they had a cold which I didn't do when I had one a couple of weeks ago and took these things. I also now even guess what a sip of fizzy drink is if I have a guzzle from my fiance's glass. Might sound trivial but when I started counting the little things I was having up to 200 calories a day more than I thought I was! 2) I know they say weigh yourself once a week, but I actually weigh myself a few times a week, usually in the morning after going to the bathroom, and then take the lowest weight from the selection over the week as the weight loss that week, even if it's not the last measurement. By doing that I can see that my weight can vary by as much as a kg between weighings, even if it's just 2 days between and I know I'm consuming 1400 calories each day, I think it's the classic female enemy - water retention! So by doing this I don't end up feeling deflated, and feel motivated, as long as the general trend is downwards, because I know there is some natural fluctuation even if you're being good! Also as I was always 'heavier' in the evenings I've completely stopped weighing myself other than 1st thing in the morning...


Congrats on your loss! Maybe this article can help you: fitwatch.com/blog/10-ways-y...


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