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My 1st Week done and dusted

I thought I would share my 1st week on the 12 wk food & exercise plan. I downloaded the Fat Secret app which has been really helpful. At the beginning of the week I prepared the Hearty Vegetable Soup which lasted me over 3 days and still have some in the freezer.....great way to start....the rest of the week I have been eating at my daughters but have had smaller portions than usual. My daughter lives just 15 min walk from me so I have done this exercise most days and the other days I went on a 20 min cycle ride....

I weighed myself this morning and have lost 2lb which I am thrilled with. I am feeling much more energetic and always looking forward to the next meal....but having to enter it into Fat Secret helps me to think very seriously what I am about to eat.

Tomorrow is another day and also next week will be a trying time as I leave home on Thursday to visit other members of my family.....and I am having a few days with my friend in a spa hotel which will be extremely difficult cos we like to have a drink....oooohhh help!

So watch this space as I may be wanting some help & motivation.

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Well done on your 2lb loss that is great! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ keep up the good work and good luck for the spa break, they normally have lots of healthy choices at those places! I don't know what to suggest about the drinking, I guess you just need to be mindful. There was a thing on the news a while back saying a glass of wine has the same amount of calories as a donut...😨 There are empty cals in all alcohol but maybe stick to spirits and a diet mixer? Anyway, good luck! 🌸


Well done on your loss a great start! We all have to learn to deal with these situations as no one wants to become a recluse lol, you can still enjoy a drink just go for low cal options like vodka and tonic, or a spirit and diet soda, drink plenty of water during the days to help flush what you drink in the evenings quicker. Just have fun and make the best choices you can


You had a good start. Well done. With future drinking, maybe drink a glass of water first and then try to insert another glass of water in between alcoholic drinks. It may also pay to eat something ( within your calorie limit) before starting to drink. The idea is to fill up your stomach so there isn't much room left for drinks. Still, good luck and enjoy your spa time.


That's a great start! Keep it up!


Well done on the great start! I hope to be as successful as you when I weigh in for my first week. Good luck for this week. Maybe the sauna can sweat some calories away whilst your at the spa ;)


Sorry I've just seen how old this post is. So I'm sure you've well and truly lost all your weigh and probably moved on from this forum. Oh well


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