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the tape measure and scales don't lie part 3

Well what a slip up.

Had a couple of bad days that turned into a week, then 2 weeks.

So back on to the new ways of eating.

Been and done a sensible shop lots of fruit and fresh veg.

Meals planned for the week.

Have set myself a target of 1.5 per week weight loss and 3 gym sessions per week.

Have to acknowledge that I am a stress / emotional eater. ( not good)

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Hi clairee. At least you stopped and have come back. Just learn from your mistake and make the "new ways of eating" your normal way. You can do it!

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At least you have got yourself back on the plan and have set yourself goals to aim towards and have a plan of action in place. I would definitely recommend using both scales and measuring tape to track your progress as the scales dont always show the hard work but seeing your measurements going down can be quite motivating. With the comfort eating i would try different distraction techniques until you find what works best for you

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Good that you are back. You obviously must be serious about it. Take it easy and be happy. Set small goals and be proud of your achievements


Most of us here are emotional eaters, and part of the process of making healthier decisions is swapping "comfort food" or "food treats" for healthier options. Just think of what would suit you instead of junk food, and allow yourself to have it if "necessary". In my case I allow myself to have pasta dishes instead of pizza or some toast with olive oil instead of cakes or chocolates. You'll lose weight slow but you'll learn to say no to what's going to ruin your effoerts. Good luck!


Claire666 I'm a stress/emotional eater too and yes its not good, in fact its quite frustrating!! I'm back on trying to break this habit yet again after blowing healthy eating/drink for past 3 days-its really not easy but must keep trying. Good luck!


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