Hi,I Have misplaced my willpower

Hi,I had a fresh start a few weeks ago and have blown it ,I started again Tuesday and was sticking to week 1 then tonight I had a feeding frenzy,I didn't even think I just ate.I really have to lose this weight for health and vanity reasons(got events coming up that may involve having a photo taken­čś»)so if someone has some spare willpower and strength of character please post to me!!!!!! Thankyou


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  • Hi there, I am in the same boat, misplaced willpower. So how about making a deal we both get refocused and start working towards our goals. My goal is to stop eating inbetween meals and late in the evening after supper.

    I let myself relax over a weekend and a few days away and just could not re-focus, SO I AM starting again from now. Will you join me.

    Good luck


  • Thank you for replying and yes I would love to join you,I have a lot to lose,about 100lb and your goal sounds a good one plus I really have to get used to eating less in general.Hope to speak soon,Mandy

  • same amount of lbs as me mandyflatt. We've got to really work at it but hopefully/sure we can achieve it, this time!! And like you mum1955 that goal of yours is similar to me, night time eating. Its just staying in control every day really I know but its not always easy.

  • Keep in touch. Good Luck.

  • I'll definitely join you!

  • know just how you feel, have been so in control and then just ate Easter egg that I had not bothered to eat for past 4 days and then wham, its all gone!! Unfortunately we can't be given willpower and strength, thats within us and we can do it-go for it!! new day tomorrow. Good luck

  • Absolutely, New day tomorrow. Lets do it.

  • This evening I felt my will power weakening, so I immediately imagined myself on my next weigh-in day smiling a great big happy grin as I stepped off the scales. I really saw myself in the room and everything. It helped and I took less from the chocolate tin. Must try it again.

  • good idea.

  • Good idea, to imagine what can be achieved by staying strong.

  • Good tip! See you can do it! If there is a next time, walk out of the room, look in a mirror and watch yourself eating the chocolate. I find just walking out of the room helps.

  • I think we need to report these blatant willpower thefts..I blame the Easter bunny! Good luck to all as Scarlett OHara said tomorrow is another day...xx

  • Hi All, it was good to read your posts, helped me to focus on what I will get out of the end of this weight loss journey.

    I struggle with binge eating and find in those moments of frenzied eating I'm just trying to feel better. I'm great at self sabotage too.

    My mantra of the week is 'its hard work but plan, plan, plan - it leads to success!'

    Good luck all xxx

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