Easter and it's temptation

Well had my Saturday weight it, lost 1lbs, very happy about this, but one of my favorite times of the year is upon me, didn't do that we'll yesterday when after visiting my lovely sister for a fish meal, she breaks out the Easter eggs, saying I don't want the kids to eat all this chocolate, help me eat them. Well I didn't need much encouragement and filled my face. Oh well have legs bums and tums this morning and spinning booked on Monday! .I have no chocolate in my house and as my kids are big no chocolates for them . Any tips on how to. Survive Easter any one.


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14 Replies

  • Firstly, congratulations on your 1lb loss 👏👏👏

    Secondly, surviving Easter - my strategy is to control all the meals I can, whereby leaving me with the most amount of calories to play with and do as much walking as possible too!

    I made a pact with myself that I would try my utmost to stay within my calorie limit, but not to the point of making me unhappy ... The flip side of that is that gaining weight will also make me unhappy, so ultimately it is in my own best interest to stick to the plan 😉

  • Happy Easter!! 💐

  • Cheers, that has motivated me to count calories this weekend and try to be reasonable and make wise choices, i going to buy some weightwatchers potato crisp, love them and i can have a packet as a treat,only 76 calories

    Happy easter

  • The weather is changing for the better so get out in the garden or go for walks. I am just going to try to avoid chocolate as I get a sugar rush and then crave for more. It's getting easier to resist too. Good luck!

  • Hey well done on losing 1lb, a little bit of indulgance wont hurt your hard work especially a week before your next weigh in, have fun at your exercise class and stick to your plan as best as you can and stay active. Little tricks i use to stop myself picking when at home is to clean, dont really have an appetite when i have cleaning chemicals on my hands. Also every time you fancy chocolate why not walk up and down the stairs 10 times or drink a glass of water, if your not geniunely hungry the craving will pass, if you are still hungry after trying to distract yourself you may find your body is hungry so enjoy a healthy treat a sweet snack i eat is clementines, chopped dates or cranberries find what works for you. Hope you have a good week

  • Really good idea, i made a fruit salad and put it in the fridge had it with a yogart this evening , really helped, did not buy any easter eggs but did eat minsterals , okay chocolates binge over,now .

  • My way is to eat nut butter with coconut, stored in the fridge, which makes a yummy substitute without the sugar. Other natural fats such as double cream, crackling, or cream cheese also satisfy that 'creamy' taste and texture.

  • Did buy low fat cream cheese today and have ryvita so will try that instead

  • Just regard Easter eggs as the fatty little turds they really are. Suitable for screaming little kids only. Sainsburys was hell on wheels with them all running about yesterday.....

  • I used to be a big screaming kid wanting Easter eggs last year. Those days are gone now. :)

  • Its Easter thats so challenging for me but have booked three days worth of cardio classes next week , starting with spin on monday , so should help be get bavk on track !

  • Lol, went Tesco today nightmare, did not buy easter egg

  • Just say no :)

  • No, no,no, okay yes please,lol, i need more practice

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