Second week done :)

Hey guys! I have completed my second week of the plan and feeling good :) I have not had a great week today I had the stress of dinner at the mother in laws, take away night and out for dinner! However I am very happy to have got on the scales today to show a 1.5lbs loss :)

That is 6 lbs so far... I am very happy about this!

As I was so busy last week I didn't get the chance to start of couch to 5K but that is my goal for this week! Has anyone done this before? How does it work? Is it done everyday?

Amy x


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10 Replies

  • Very well, it looks like you can handle stress and the programme, so you have this under control! Have a great week 3!

  • Thank you very much! You too :)

  • Hey well done thats great you should be thrilled that you were successful even with all the stress and family meals. All the best for the 3rd week. I think the c25k is only a couple days a week, i tried it once but was way too unfit to run more than 30 secs so i made a personal choice to focus on getting my steps each day up and to try the c25k again when i feel more fit. Im sure you will do great. Theres an app you can download for it

  • Thank you so much! I have downloaded the app will be starting in the morning :)

  • Well done Amy! Good luck with the c25k programme. Just remember if you can't talk then you're going too fast!

  • Thank you so much! I am starting it tomorrow morning!

  • Wow 6lbs in two weeks, that's really good well done. Keep up the good work :-)

  • Thank you :) I am really thrilled!

  • Well done :-)

  • Couch to 5K is brilliant! I am just starting week 5. It is 3 runs a week with a rest day between each. There is a chat community on here for that is good for advice, I recommend it, and good luck with your first run!

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