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400g lost. yippee

Hi all, I'm a day late posting this week as its was a holiday for us here yesterday ( Monday), although I did weigh in.


Starting weight 66.9k

Current Weight 61.8

Lost 5.1

Still to go 4.8

Goal 57kg.

Goal date was 30th March, but not feasible now due to all those slow weeks. So revised to 30 April instead. Might need to revise this again but we will see.

Loosing 400/500 per week means it will be another 10 weeks to goal, but going slowly seems to be working for me and I'm not going to WW or anything like that.

My support here is great, so thanks everyone for your comments and for sharing your stories too.

Have a great week everyone and I will be back Monday, no holiday next week, boo hiss!

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Wow! You are really close to your goal! Less than 5kg to go! 10 weks is nothing if you keep on losing weight and stay focused. See you around then!


You are doing it. It is great. You are right, going slowly does work. It works for me too.


Thanks, yes I'm hoping that it bodes well for not putting any back on - fingers crossed!!!


Brilliant. Wellbdone , keep up the good work 🌸


Thanks, you too. :)


Hi again Size12goal,

Just read your post - very inspiring, and Congratulations on your weight loss. You're doing really well. Slow and steady is definitely good - all in the right direction, and you're more than half way to your goal already. Really good!

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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