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Day 1 done!

This is my first day of the nhs plan, although not my first day of dieting!! I've been trying to lose weight since the new year by following the eat less, move more logic.

I managed to lose 2kg in the first month, which I was really pleased about but everything tailed off during February and March :( I don't know why but these days (well pretty much since I turned 30!) I find it really hard to drop below 10st - has anyone else experienced that?

Anyway, I'm hoping with the new plan and a renewed sense of positivity and motivation that I'm going to be able to achieve my goal of returning to 9st!

Wish me luck!! ✨😎✨

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Well done for a successful first day! I'm also on day one and trying to change years of dieting habits which involve 'can'ts', denying myself and restriction. Trying to look at each time I eat as a decision about what will make me feel good in the long run and keep me healthy. And good luck reaching your goal! You can do it!!! 🍀


You will. Somehow things always work themselves out if you put your mind to it. Think of all the pleasure you will get once you reach your goal weight


I was 8st plus in my 20's , 9st plus in my 30's, 10st plus in my 40's and now I'm 11st 8lbs in my 50's. The sooner you start, the better it is once you notice your weight is on the up. The menopause puts on weight but you've got a long way to go before that. Just think if you just put on 1lb a year for the next 20 yrs you would have put on 20lbs. I do wish I had cut back before I got to the weight I am now.

You will do it now you have all our support. Go for it!

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I'm now in my 40's and followed the same pattern as eeek1110, 8st plus in my 20's, 9st plus in my 30's and 10st plus in my 40's so I'm trying to get my weight down sooner rather than later! I've struggled to get below 10st (I seem to stick at 10st 7) just like when I was in my 30s I stuck at 9st 7 (something went wrong since the time I was trying to loose weight in my 30s as I obviously gained a stone!)

Anyway since Christmas I've managed to get down to just under 10st which feels great but I'm aiming to get to 9st too. I've had a few sticking points (I'm at one now, but this time im not giving up)

If I can't loose it by cutting down food which isn't always possible (as I'm guessing you get to a deit plateau point) so I'm also tackling it from the other side with more exercise. I've gone back to serious walking, and did a 13 mile walk a couple of days ago with some serious hills, 3 months ago I couldn't of done it, but I've built up the walks and improving all the time and felt great and feeling much fitter including being able to wear a size down in my walking trousers)

Good luck with your new plan, yes we will all have bad weeks, but as long as you keep the momentum up (I find my fitness pal keeps me in touch with reality as long as I'm honest with myself) you will get there!

9st here we come!


Thanks everyone! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has a 'sticking point' that you find difficult to drop below on the scales!! This community is such a great idea. It's so nice to be able to talk to fellow dieters! Good luck reaching your goals today!! 😄


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