Almost @wk11

Nearing week 11 on the plan and I am feeling positive with all I have done this week. I have done 2, 5k on the treadmill this week also been to the gym twice been on two fast long walks and I have been walking the kids to school and on my break I go out and just walk. I have been burning a lot of calories this week and I am just loving exercising. Before I wouldn't do anything I would go work come home make dinner and watch tv till I felt tried, but now I have a whole new lease on life and I am really enjoying life for the first time in yrs.

Fingers crossed for week 11 weigh in, I'm looking forward to it :-) ...still got Thursday & Friday to go....


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10 Replies

  • It is great. The 12 week plan/guide made you a different person. You did well. I am in week 9 and can tell the difference in my eating habits. We are all,getting there, aren't we

  • Hi nhs2015...aren't we just, habits of a life time have been changed for the better and I now have a more positive look on life and can see a brighter happier future because I wanted to make these changes for myself and throughout this journey I have put me first. I'm really happy for you to making it this far on your journey. Stick with it and stick with this forum it has also made a real difference in my life. :-)

  • I'm sure your weigh-in will go great! Thanks for such a positive post!

  • Hi HRHGaby, thank you :-)

  • Brilliant, well done ☀

  • Thank you folliegirl :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Your post is very inspiring - thanks for sharing it. :-)

    Really great to hear how much you're enjoying the 12 week plan. Congratulations on your weight loss to date - really great progress.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal, thank you so much. It's really great to receive such positive feedback which in turn keeps me motivated and feeling positive on this journey.

    Today I felt an even bigger difference in my clothes as they are becoming to big for me and I'm not used to this feeling. My trousers are dropping down now so it's time to go shopping for some new ones. I haven't felt this way in yrs so I am going to embrace the changes.

    I'm looking forward to my Thurs/Fri workouts cause I am really hoping for a good result this Sat :-) Thanks again Lowcal hope you are having a really good week too x

  • Congratulation. Well done. I am in week 9 and already feel like a different person.

  • Thank you x

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