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"Oops! Unplanned snacks or drinks"

This might be a silly question...but I was wondering what people put into this section of the food & activity chart from the 12-week NHS weight-loss plan?

Would this include a biscuit or piece of cake that you can inlcude into your daily calorie count without going over you maximum calorie intake? Would this be considered a 'planned' snack?

Or is it more for things you might have with tea while visiting someone's home, for example?

Any clarification?

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I put any snacks that put me over my calorie limit, but its what works for you, as its so flexible to fit any lifestyle


I count EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth! Including my lovely glass(es) of wine!

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I make icecream which contains biscuits ( top and bottom). Dividing it in small portions, it still works out at 200 calories each, so I always add it on the the chart as an unplanned snack although It is still included in my 1400. If it is a beautiful day, and I am doing very well with calories, it will be my unplanned treat. Writing it down gives me an idea of how often I am having it.


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