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Coconut oil, anyone?

I have been recommended to try this. I saw the hefty price tag and wondered what the hype is all about before I actually purchase one. If u have had any experience of using it, what do u use it for? Does it help weight loss and how? Would you recommend it? I have 6-7 stone to lose so would appreciate anything that would benefit my body and future health - having spent some dosh on other stuff already I am reluctant to keep spending money to lose weight....!

Thanks in advance. :-)

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I'm not sure if it's of great increased benefit from a weight loss point of view, if you are losing weight through traditional calorie restriction. It's a great oil to you use if you are following a Restricted Carbohydrate and High Fat (LCHF) diet because it made up of Medium Chain Triglycerides which metabolise to energy rapidly, so you can liken it to Lucozade (to us sugar dodgers) if you need energy but without the glucose.

There are lots and lots of claims about the benefit of using Coconut oil, including anti-aging, I've no idea how genuine these are, however some of the science behind the claims does look convincing but then again it always does :)

It's a great oil to cook with as it has a high smoke value, so you can get really hot! Another benefit is that It's also relatively low in Omega 6 (unlike Sunflower Oil) but then again so is Lard!

Anyway I use it a lot, personally I get it off Amazon, which is the cheapest I've found it (for the organic/virgin).



I think that its quite calorific but you can buy the 1 calorie a spray coconut oil


I think it's another "part the customer from their money" idea. Yes it is good, but so are lots of other products. A HEALTHY BALANCED DIET is the way (whatever that is, we still don't seem to know despite NHS telling us for years)


Thank you for all your comments - for now I will focus on eating sensibly and the 5:2 diet and see how far I get in a couple of weeks or so... And combine that with c25k. 😄 here goes....!


I think eating healthy and having a boost every now and now will help. It's helping me I'm following slimming world and been doing a detox for 9 days and every now n then....it's great and I feel fabulous for it!! Plus I drink a 60ml shot every morning that makes a huge different to my life. Good luck dotty x


Been having coconut oil on my branlakes, oat bran & blueberries for breakfast, as part of a major lifestyle change (Calorie controlled diet & exercise regime ) for about 2yrs.

Convinced its part of the reason my cholesterol has dropped significantly and I have been able to lose and maintain a 2 stone weight loss.


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