a little confused

hi, i just started using the NHS weekly food & activity chart and i'm a bit confused on the total calories bit. since i'm currently using my fitness pal for counting calories, should i put the total amount of calories i had for the day without any deduction from any activities done or with deductions already? cause i had been walking today and my fitness pal app says i've earned this much additional calories to the 1400 daily allowance


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  • Up to you I guess!!! I just go by what I've eaten and or get about the calories re exercise etc..... Bank them 😀

  • I go by calories eaten

  • Hello confused. Don't deduct calories used via exercise. You can put the total in the exercise column for you to keep track. I'd suggest you use the nhs.uk calorie counter as you are doing the nhs diet.

    I've lost 12.5 lbs in three weeks (5k)? But have many stones to lose!

    Good luck (everyone).

  • Now im confused! I didnt realise there was an nhs calorie counter i too have been using fitness pal! Where do you find the nys calorie counter please? x

  • Go to the 'Live Well' tab at top of NHS home page and there is list of topics on the right, and you will find the calorie counter. Alternatively, there is a calorie counter on the 12 week diet plan page.

    If you have not really perused the Live Well pages, I suggest you do. There is some fantastic information which should keep you feeling motivated, with plenty of links to other info. If only the NHS service was as good as the website!!!!!

  • Don't count your exercise calories - they're a bonus!

  • I used to log everything on the app but found I was always eating my exercise calories without any significant loss. What I do now is use the app to check the calories write them down the old fashioned way with pen and paper and count the exercise as a way of expending the calories. At the moment it works for me.

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