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Week 10 Weigh in!

After breaking the stone mark last week I was over the moon and for the first time I feel like I am getting somewhere and actually changing my eating habits for the long run rather than saying I am on a diet. Feeling much better all round!

This week I completed week 3 of c25k , netball training, have been swimming and fitted in some strength exercises too. However I was a little naughty and went out for a curry with netball girls on Thursday and out on Saturday.

I have lost again this week all be it 0.8lb but I'm on the right track. Also I think that as I am doing more exercise and can see myself toning up muscle is heavier than fat so this maybe playing a role too. So my progress so far is as follows:

05/01/2015 0 182.0

12/01/2015 1 178.2

19/01/2015 2 178.2

26/01/2015 3 176.0

02/02/2015 4 176.0

09/02/2015 5 174.6

16/02/2015 6 171.0

23/02/2015 7 171.0

02/03/2015 8 169.8

09/03/2015 9 167.2

16/03/2015 10 166.4

That's a loss of 15.6lbs over 10 weeks. This week I intend to complete week 4 of c25k and keep on going... only 19.4lb to go! :) Feeling so much happier and healthier!

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You have done great until now and doing the C25k is going to do wonders to your shape! Keep it up!


Well done you are doing really well :)


How have you done it? What sort of 'diet' have you followed?


Hi Hannah I have basically just been using slimming world recipes from their website and also I have bought a couple of their books. I plan my food out on a Sunday for the week and try to stick to it. So a normal day would look something like weetabix and skimmed milk with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries for breakfast, I have raw carrot sticks at around 11. Then for lunch and dinner I would have things like lasagne, cottage pie, meatballs all served with plenty of veg. So there is no calorie counting just eating things that are homemade. It is working wonders so I am sticking with it! You should check out their website for recipe ideas!


Well done, happy and healthy decisions are the best 👍


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