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well the scales and the tape measure don't lie do they?

so its weigh day tomorrow. Do I get on the scales and cover my eyes..... well I could but knowing my luck I would fall off ! have decided to measure the vital areas as well as monitor the weight loss.

They gym is absolutley killing my knees and hips.... since when did it become painful to exercise...... oh my the body is really playing it nasty. I suppose carrying an extra 2.5 stones cant help ...... however discomfort in the knees can do one. I will get to the gym at least 3 times per week ..... it has to get easier doesnt it???????

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Hi clairee666, yes it does get easier as you go through the weeks, however you must also take into consideration the fact that the easier it becomes the more you will have to increase your intensity or change up your work out so that your body doesn't get used to doing the same thing.

Good luck with your weigh in today x


You need to enjoy it. If not do something else that will bring you pleasure.


pain the day after exercise is a sign you are doing it well BUT pain , and I do mean PAIN, not a litle discomfort, while exercising, is your body telling you to body telling you to stop right NOW.

It does not mean you have to stop exercising, just do something that uses the muscle group that balances the ones you have been over using. Do look at the aerobics video on this site. It shows this perfectly.

In addition to that use your own sense, in my case that meant wearing boots that lace up tightly against my ankles, others might choose ankle supports but I had the by me so I use them.

I hope you can lose some of that 2½ stone soon, so that it is less painful for you.


thanks. Yup purchased new trainers that seem to support the ankles and therefore knees better. Knees are shot due to work .... occupational hazard. I have been told that for every 2 kilo lost the pressure on your knees improves slightly. Its only stairs etc that aggravate them and the cross trainer of course !!

Hope your doing well


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