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Getting Into Gear!

June last year I remember lying awake in bed, worrying about my weight and how I let it all get on top of me. I remember picking up my phone and browsing online for a while for weight loss tips and healthy recipes.

I don't know how, but I stumbled across HealthUnlocked. It was a Sunday evening and I vowed the next day, would be the day I begun. I weighed in around 13 and a half stone.

9 months down the line I am down 11lbs. I know its not much, but there have been struggles along the way. Loss of family members, moving house, losing weight and then putting it all back on.

If it wasn't for this community, I don't think I would have stuck it out. People help so much and they don't even know it. Even if it is just that I have read someone else's story, it helps so much and I am feeling more determined than ever.

I got myself back into gear 3 weeks ago and have already lost 5lbs. It feels good and I just wanted to share. We all have bumps along the way but we must keep at it!

I have the house to myself tonight until about 7 and am actually looking forward to doing some exercise!

Don't give up!


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Thanks for sharing your experience! This community is also helping me a lot to stay focused. Good luck and keep us posted!


Thank you! :) it is a great place to be! Everyone is so supportive! Good luck on your journey!


Hi there, I'm on week 3 and find the forum a great motivator ... Good luck on your journey 🌺


Thank you so much! Good for you joining us all in making a change! :) I hope you're doing well so far! The support here is great, I love it! Good luck to you! :)

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Well done you for starting again. I started again today, having reached my goal a few years ago, but through various stresses (work, family, health), I put most of it on again, and this morning was 13.9. Am SO cross with myself. So it's time to get back on with it, especially with summer looming.

Here's to getting back in my size 12's, although it seems a million miles away!


It is hard going at times, but it's good you've gotten over the hump to get going again! :) life does get in the way and the weight does creep back on, I know the feeling. I managed to let a stone creep back on before Christmas so I've kick started again!

You will see those size 12's again, and hopefully it will be in time for the summer! I have my fingers crossed for you! :)


Was good to read your story. I dont think i would have done half as well without this forum. Well done on your weight loss, hope you reach your goal. Good luck


Thank you! :) I find it helps to read others stories so thought I would add mine in hopes it would help someone else!

I hope you reach your goal too, good luck! :D


Hi Sophie,

I hope you enjoyed having the house to yourself tonight, and that you managed to do the exercise you were planning. It's great to hear your weight loss story, and really inspiring to hear you've lost 11 pounds in total - you're getting close to a stone, not long now!!! :-)

Enjoy the remainder of the week, and look forward to catching up with you next week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you for the encouraging words as always Lowcal! :)

Haha yes I did enjoy having the house to myself last night! :D I only managed about half hour of my exercise DVD. But I suppose something is better than nothing! :)

It would be nice to hit the stone mark, hopefully in the next two weeks! :D

Catch you on Monday! Hopefully a few pounds lighter! :D

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