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I have lost about 2 stone over past 8 months but am struggling badly to lose the last 10lbs..bingeing at weekends ...blowing all the good work away ..I do brilliantly mon -Thursday then a light switches off and I crave rubbish :sweets ,cakes ,biscuits !!so consequently I have had a 1/2stone creep back on ! Need to stop but just can't get motivated to !!! Why am I sabotaging myself .Help help help

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Well done on your weight loss, keep going!! 🌻

We are our own worst enemy sometimes! Weekends are definitely the hardest 😓... I'm new to this, but have found MyFitnessPal really good, you have to log everything that passes your lips, being 'accountable' for that has helped me!

We also haven't being buying rubbish, if it's not there I can't eat it!!!

Good luck 🌼


Hi les21, you have done so well. You must see the changes in yourself and be happy with what you have achieved so far. You must keep going, this is a journey for the rest of your life. You know if you stop now that the weight will creep back on and more. Find your focus again and believe in yourself. Good luck


Thanks for your kind words.exactly what I needed to hear .it is a lifelong journey and you do forget that so it's good to be reminded. I will keep going .on a fast day today which has been really hard and I could have given up every hour but made it through and feel ready to be back on track .thankyou 😄


try going on a different diet something that you can maintain when your at your target wieght to keep your wieght off such as 5:2 you eat normally for 5 days so no binging and craving it might help


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