Week 1 starts on Sunday!

So my wife and I are starting week 1 on Sunday. This month already sees me on a Dechox for the British heart foundation - so no chocolate for the whole of March, and now the weight loss plan from the nhs. Anyone have any tips, snack/meal ideas, advice for us?

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  • Hi there, I'm on week 2 and would really recommend MyFitnessPal, a free app which easily helps you count calories - I have also found it helps me with portion control. Planning is definitely the key! Good luck to you both 😉

  • Thank you, have downloaded myfitnesspal as heard it was useful and made up a very detailed meal plan for the week!

  • Brilliant ... It will be great to have each other as motivation too ... Much less likely to fall off the wagon in the evenings, you'll keep each other honest!

  • Hey welcome to the group really friendly supportive people here :-) im on week 19 and doing the dechox? Great cause and stops the slow creeping up of my chocolate intake. Not easy with so many easter eggs around at the no.

    Best advice is to take it one day at a time and set yourself small weight loss goals i started with 9st to lose which seemed impossible so i never looked past the next stone im now 3 st down :-) if you are calorie counting myfitnesspal is definitely worth a look as been a lifesaver to me. There are a few other ones find which one works for you guys. Its lovely that you are doing this together someone there for constant support and back up. Wish you both good luck

  • Wow you are doing so well! Congratulations! I've lost 2lbs this week and think it's just from no chocolate! 👍

  • Hey 2lbs is a great start, keep up the good work

  • It's not Easter yet! We're still only half-way through Lent. Easter eggs = Easter.

  • Yes i know that but they are i all the shops, thats what i meant

  • You're right. There are so many around in the shops. It's a really big temptation

  • Yup but doing well so far, as im sure you are too. I have bought one and hid it in the wardrobe, so when april comes i can have a treat although will take a few days to eat as wont allow myself to go over my calories lol

  • You are amazing, fibronfedup. What a target, I'm only trying to shed 1½st, but have to think in 4lb stages or i'd get discouraged.

  • Thank you. Very motivating hearing things like that. If that works for you then that is all that matters. I really hope you reach your goal

  • My 2 daughters are doing this in memory of my das. I stocked up on fruit and snack bars the fruit flavoured ones. They are doing well but youngest finds it hardest. She's been having bread and jam x good luck

  • It is really hard. I was having like 2 bars of chocolate a day, but have lost 2lbs this week! Good luck to your daughters! x

  • Good start. My snacks are usually a fruit or small sticks of carrot or celery. i cut them in advance and keep them in the fridge ready for when ever I feel like something. NHS has good ideas for snacks and meal. You will get there.

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