Today is the day !

Today is the day !

Just laying in bed recovering from horrible flu (possible swine) appetite not there so thought -mm want to Los weight and need to do it safely - as on NHS website so much. - discovered the weight loss programme - seems so logical so let's give it a go - actually quite excited about it - I am 57 and relatively fit - have done few marathons over the years and would like to do a few more - but the extra voluptuousness or blubber is not helping - and of course for health is not good either - do not want to let myself down or my family - I think two stone is doable (may be two and a half ) have done it before with Ww and it works but you have to keep it up OBVIOUSLY my clothes told me that! Anyhoo - I will be keeping a dialogue of progress and problems whatever comes along and would love to talk to any other runners out there and of course anyone who can share their achievements - bye for now Marathongirl


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8 Replies

  • Good luck wish you all the best you seem a well motivated person. Glad you're feeling better, Go girl!

  • Well thank you so much - really brightened my day - wish you good luck with your endeavours too - we should wonderful for the summer - glad I kept some of the old clothes -'yes these jeans will fit again' ha ha have a great week !!!!

  • Ha ha yes we will look fab!!!! I've got a whole wardrobe of clothes that I need to slim into and then some. Hope your first day has been a good one. I don't know if you've got the smart recipes app from the change4life site, it has a few quick low fat meals. I just hope my willpower will last the distance :-)

  • Ah well my first day was a bit of a disaster re pancake day!! Still am recovering from flu - but there is always something :( so give my self a kick in the pants and start again - not sure where to start in the plan I will have a look today and get something from the wardrobe that I want to wear by July and just keep it on view - I have always found that inspirational - I will look for the app - sounds good - nice tasty things really help and having them ready available is the key - otherwise I just look in the cupboard - not good - yes will power is a point - apparently changing routine is paramount - ie finish work - get in - glass wine - tv - dinner - wine and crisps - so I am going to have tonic water - read - do this blog - and as nights are getting lighter do house jobs - and then perhaps i will get lighter ! 😀keep up the good work and will see you soon 🍏

  • Ahh hope you've had a better day today. I must admit I'm not much of a meal planner, I do keep low cal ready meals and steam meals in the freezer. Means I have small meal but also have calories left for a treat in the evening. I've got fitness pal app that helps me keep track of calories. I can log everything so I know exactly how many calories i've had. Big tea tonight 2 rashers grilled bacon, 2eggs scrambled, 1/2 can baked beans and 2 flat mushrooms grilled also was only 543 cals. Leaves me 330 for treat tonight.

  • i am also your age, relatively fit (not up to marathon fitness though) and just found this site too. the guidance is relatively straight forward and common sense. i too lost 21lb via slimming world but not managed to keep it off. i think the sw mantra of each as much as you like has stuck with me as thats what i have done without counting any sins. so a year older and a new diet. good luck and i look forward to reading your progress.

  • Ah thanks for your reply - I just have to get around the website now and get cracking - pancake day was a very full in affair - four pancakes with all the trimmings! So I think I have to be extra diligent - I was on weight watchers before and it did work but I have to go to meetings - this system I think is interesting as you have a world of people to talk to directly and support is good when your feeling a bit weak - which I think is going to be good -let's keep on doing it and see how wonderful we will look in about 6 months time or so - it's good to have a goal date ie holiday - party - July is my goal do you have a date in mind - keep it up!!' We'll done perhaps a long distance walk or 10 k would be good !!

  • as ever i have left it to 6 weeks before an unplanned holiday to realise i need to lose weight to get the holiday clothes on! i cant continue to buy new stuff every year coz i have gone up a size. good news is that after 3 weeks i have lost 8lb 2 (combination of 5/2 and NHS on the other days) so with any luck another couple of weeks should see a further 3lb. I overdid it at the weekend (valentines day) over 2 night (valentines eve and day!!) 3 bottles of champagne between us - but still lost so result. i took early retirement last oct to get myself sorted out (40 years sitting in meetings or on trains taking its toll physically and on my weight) this is the most motivated i have felt in a long time so by June next holiday i hope to have lost 21lb. good luck on your journey, keep posting your news as the support is essential.

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