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Anyone else watch Katie Hopkins weight gain/loss programme?

I watched it yesterday and found it really interesting /inspiring . She is very opinionated and can be out of order and downright rude (!) but a lot of what she said made sense about eating less and moving more . I'm going to try and do 10000 steps a day as suggested and see how I get on . Weigh in no 2 tomorrow and I've been in Greggs twice and had a day out at the zoo ! Excuses excuses !! Doh x

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I was watchin her last week and see wat u mean even tho she's that sort of person u just want to scream at most what she was sayin did relate to me and in a wierd way is inspiration to some people x

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She lectures and believes that Obese people in general are Greedy and Lazy and all that they need to do in order to fix this is eat less and move more. She portrays the quintessential british "Fatty" as someone who chain feeds Gregs and Mc D's into their mouths on a daily basis. So based on the World according to Katie almost 2 out of 3 of us in the UK are Gluttonous and Idle.

Her experiment of rapid weight gain and then loss goes no where near to replicating the issues the long term, metabolically damaged obese or morbidly obese individual faces with their health and weight control. In order to lose body fat (not just weight) your system needs to be in a specific biochemical state, that state is much easier to achieve when you are metabolically healthy and fit, but for most that have been overweight for a number of year and have "broken" systems, this is much more difficult to achieve and more importantly to maintain.

She'd be better off spending time exposing and laying some of the responsibility of the cause of the current epidemic which is the food industry and our government that pander to their financial weight. How can the average person on the street hope to get control when a small tin of tomato soup contains 4 teaspoons of sugar. Just one example of how we are constantly and often stealthy peddled sugar in our daily diets. We need to change people's perceptions if we are to have any hope of fixing things.

Might be rough justice but I think Katie Hopkins definitely looks worse since her experiment, I wonder if she has been left with any lasting problems such as finding it harder to maintain a healthy weight since her experiment, I guess if so, we'd never know.

I would like to add though if anyone has found inspiration from her program/experiment and it helps lead you to achieve long-term weight loss then it can't be all bad :)

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I think your last sentence says enough. As to KH, isn't that what medics have been saying for years, nothing new.

Good luck, I know from bitter experience how difficult it is. I'm not being holier than thou :)


Good luck on your journey! I weighed just under 21 stone and now have stalled just under 14. I caught her program a few days ago as I cleaned-then stopped cleaning to sit and watch. I was prepared to really dislike her and ended up just the opposite-I think she changed and I have to beleive we can do that.

What hit me, as an American living in the UK, was her spot on observations about overweight and obese teens-her concern seemed genuine.

I love my FITBIT and did so before watching her program-10,000 steps a day helps massively-

One thing is for sure-she gets people talking! Though I did do and do do alot of that before her :)



yes i watched it a couple of weeks ago, i couldnt believe how most of the weight went onto her tummy, it looked awful. mines a bit like that. i thought she was really great but a little harsh at times but on saying that some people need it. saw her on big brother. shes certainly lost the weight now. didnt want her to win tho. be positive and keep out of greggs as theres nothing healthy in there.........lol that was katie talking.


Most people gain weight steadily, I know I did over a number of years, not in a 3 month period, and consequently it wasn't quite real life! and as has been said she just looked pregnant, watched episode 1 on u tube not seen the follow up though...


I loved her programme. I agree it doesn't cover all issues around weight. For a start, she has a body that doesn't put on weight easily...she had to eat tremendous amounts of food to gain that weight and she lost it again relatively easily, but we can't get away from the truth......eat a little less and exercise a little more! It is the only sensible way..and it does work if you stick with it


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