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hi to all just started today am trying just to eat healthy and cut down on bad fats and sugar due to asthma not being good at moment i dont have much puff so if any one can recomend any excerises that would be good at 17st plus have quite a way to go . but i am of to creete for afriends wedding end of june so thats my motivation looking forward to making some friends for and with support good luck to us all


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  • Hi welcome to the group. Very supportive people on here :-)

    Starting at a larger weight is daunting (i started at 19st) But it is doable. Make small changes to get started like walking more each day, pedometers are really cheap and easy to use. Also the easiest thing to do as a larger person. I did step ups on a wiifit board while watching tv nothing too strenuous. Now i use a cross trainer and weights at home instead. Its a long journey so break it down into smaller goals. I usually aim for 1st every 2 months, as you get lighter and fitter adjust your goals accordingly. Are you calorie counting? Or just eating healthier? Best tip drink plenty of water and always eat breakfast.

    good luck hope it goes well

  • Hi, My first day too. :-)

  • good luck for your first week i have already had some good support and help about setting small goals for my self and am of to look for my pedometer hidding at the back of some draw i hope

  • well only a pound loss for me this week but its been far from normal i do hope you are progressing do let me know how you get on and good luck

  • thanks for all the helpful tips and info i am of to print diet sheet and find pedometer lost at back of draw i hope i will get wii out and dust it of its great to know all this suport is hear ty

  • Glad to help anytime :-) i didnt even plug the wiifit board in sometimes i just used it to do step ups while watching eastenders, go at whatever pace you are comfortable, then up the speed or intensity. I used to lift my knee to waist height with every step up, surprisingly gets your heart rate up. You will get there. Let us know how you get on

  • thanks for tips and help about wii fit board will try that last few days and some this week i will be looking after my 2 grandaughters age 3 and 4 that will keep me moving perhaps more than i would like but its good fun

  • i have asthma too. this is the worst time of year for me too.i weold recamend doing planks to tighten your abs. squats, lunges. and the bike.

  • hi thanks for advice just not sure what planks are , bike is out dodge knee will try and work a little program to fit them in to daily routine

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