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Tomorrow is my start date

I have finally set a date to start eating healthily and exercising regularly. I shall start tomorrow, with 1500 calories a day and a least 30 minutes exercise a day. I will weigh in every Monday, I know I am roughly 15 stone!! Ouch that weight came on so fast, I cant believe it I used to be a size 8-10!

I have started diets and exercise before and it lasts for a couple of weeks then I get back into my old habits of takeaways, cakes etc, but its getting out of hand now, enough is enough!

Any tips and help would be appreciated

Claire x

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Hi Claire, well done on making a start. Today is the day.

I am now 16st, started at 17.2 and like you I used to be an 8-10 in clothes but let this all go as I became comfortable and had 4 children.

It's not easy losing weight and it will take time. Plan everything in advance. If you are going to keep a food diary plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks in advance. I usually do this the day before so I know exactly what is going on my menu.

I've been working out 6 days a week at 30 mins and include some weights at the end of a work out using my kettle bell.

I still enjoy most foods which I love but have made changes such as instead of ground beef it's now ground turkey. Chicken legs are now chicken breast, changed white rice for brown and pasta for whole wheat. I tend to eat a low cal soup for lunch or have egg and turkey/chk salad and I snack on fruit. Make sure there is variety at meal times cause this will help you stay motivated. Eating the same thing day in day out can be boring so mix it up.

Good luck I wish you well. Keep us posted on your progress.


hi claire great minds think alike its my start day and have a bit further to go than you 17.9 god knows how easly its sliped on am going to try and cut out bad fats and sugar just making home made soup for lunch good luck shout if you need help


welcome and good luck


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