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Im thinking to start the nhs weight loss programme , because I have gain a lot of weight the past 1year almost because i am in my final year in uni and the amount of work i need to do doesn't leave any energy to do anything else and I also snack more . Im considerate if this programme is effective if anybody has follow it, and if anybody has any suggestions


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  • I lost 36lbs on the 12 week plan, im not a student but i do have a full time job and housework etc i found it easy to do alongside my life.

  • I'm a bit consider because it doesn't have meals or things like specific programme and I'm not sure what meals I suppose to do exactly. What did u do?

  • I keep low cal snacks around as im a snacker, ive swapped pasta and rice for cous cous, i bulk out meals with vegetables and drink mainly flavoured sparkling water instead of fizzy drinks. Its all about finding what works for you. Try eating breakfast each day as it boosts your metabolism , i cut out takeaways and things like chocolate and crisps although i do still have treats but i eat low cal versions. I tend to do all my planning in the evenings when i watch tv or on my breaks at work. Each day i limit myself to 1200-1400cals a day which i track using the myfitnesspal app and try to walk as much as possible when at work and on my days off instead of lazy days i try to go for a walk even if its window shopping in town its still being active. Do you have any walking clubs or fitness clubs at uni that you could join, sometimes having ppl around who have similar goals can help

  • Don't waste time thinking about it, do it! :) Seriously what's the worse that can happen, even if after starting it, if it does not meet your full expectations, it will get you moving in the right direction and help build some healthy foundation on which you can then expand.

  • I agree with you, I'm just not sure what I will do to follow it :)

  • I know you say you have no energy, but try going for a walk. Half an hour on a sunny day (or even a dull day!) re-energises you. I used to teach full time, had two children and was so busy etc etc but I used to walk the dogs after work and it was amazing how energised I felt afterwards, even though when I got home from work and had cooked a meal etc, I often didn't feel like turning out again! It works, honestly!

  • aw wow you had/have so much to do and still finding the energy to go out!! I leave in an area that has limited places to walk to and i don't like going out when is dark and im done with my uni stuff cause I don't feel really safe!! maybe I need a dog to motivate me to leave my house !! but I will try to walk more whenever I have the chance! thank you for your advice :D

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