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What a great day.

Now have a landline with Wi Fi so no further daily visits to Starbucks and pulling my hair out through rubbish mobile internet, plus a bed frame which has had to be genetically engineered to fit round the bend in the stairs. No more sleeping on a mattress on the floor yay!!!!

Also bought another pair of size 16 jeans today, bearing in mind that 7 months ago they would have to have been size 24!

I am sooooo smiling!

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Love how super positive you are thats great!! Celebrate the achievements no matter how small, well done on the smaller jeans ive just bought size 20 after being a 24 for years so been pretty positive too, great to see that someone has lasted longer and still going strong :-)


Thank you for your very kind comments. Still have a little way to go yet but have always been very positive as I have wanted this so badly. All because I wanted to fit into a lovely blouse lol! I just love it, not having to shop in the outsize departments.


Ive just started to be able to shop in "normal" clothes shops its great and so much cheaper lol


You're amazing! Really glad it's all coming together.


No, we are all amazing because we have taken steps to be what we want to be. Each and everyone of us have taken control of our own destiny and it's ours for the taking through this wonderful supporting network. Keep up the great work yourself. X


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