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Beach Body

It seems my weight loss has come to a complete stand-still, or has become a weight gain!! My dad booked our summer holiday this weekend and now I'm trying to get to my weight target (to lose 0.5stone) for then. I'm at a complete loss and can't see what I'm doing wrong - I have not binged, I have indulged occasionally, but even then it will be 2 squares of chocolate so not much. I do not exercise, but genuinely have no time other than the times I dance. Any suggestions? Thanks :)


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3 Replies

  • Your body has probably adapted to your calorie intake, (adaptive thermogenesis). Perhaps changing what you eat might help. Go low GI or lower carbs generally, but make sure you are eating enough protein and veg. Check for any foods with hidden sugar.

    Alternatively you can try varying your calorie intake a couple of days a week. You may have to experiment to find what works.

    Hope you reach your target, it's lovely to have a holiday to look forward to.

  • Agreed. Without going into it we all stall part way through. It's partly to do with having less body. 7lb isn't too bad and I hope you make it in time. Just step up a bit without starving yourself. Good luck :)

  • Thanks everyone!

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