Motivation/ inspiration :)

Motivation/ inspiration :)

I've been on here two days and ive absolutely loved and everyone is so supportive and its been great I've never felt so motivated and I'd like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and going through posts on here I see people just starting their diets and their exercise and last year I didn't know about this site and damn it would of been so beneficial to me if I had found but I lost my weight just from walk 5-8 miles a day and the occasional 10 mile bike ride and it worked :D it was just very time consuming I've gone from roughly a 40 waist to a 32 and still going and it's been great and I'd like everyone who struggles to keep going and stay motivated to look at the picture there only roughly a year apart the first two were in June / august and the last one was done just after may the following year and I nearly gave up so much because I thought I wasnt seeing any results and that it was a waste of time but I persevered with those thoughts and kept going and change really does happen if you just remain determined and motivated and your get there I've helped my mother lose weight and a close friend and inspired them to keep living a healthy live because in the end your really feel great never stop and never doubt your self :)just set your self small achievable goals and your get there I really wanted to see my jaw line because I haven't seen in two years and everytime I look in the mirror it reminds me off all the hard work that was put in :) in a few weeks I'll post the difference it's done to my face because I look and feel like such a different person just never give up! :) and your all get there! :)because this is proof it really can happen and there nothing more motivating than seeing it for your self :) and I look back on these photos to remind me to keep going and keep going forward and not back


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7 Replies

  • You are doing awesome! Keep up the goid work and thanks for being so positive :)

  • Good even.

  • No problem :)

  • Well done and thank,s for the encouragement,i started about a week ago ,i get no hunger pan,s but i still crave sweet things ,definatly feel more motivated this time.

  • Thanks so much for sharing your story. This site is amazing for keeping the inspiration going. Well done on your tremendous weight loss success and keep on sharing :))))

  • Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments I'll keep you all updates on my journey as I will keep looking for updates on yours :) :3

  • that'a super amazing, keep going :)

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