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Hello Guys. A few days ago i mentioned in a post that very soon a life changing event was going to happen in my life. It may be very ordinary to some of you but to me it is very important. Some of you know that i am an Albanian girl which actually i live in Albania a very small country in Europe some of you heard of it i guess. Well life in Albania it is difficult. I mean it is true i have a lot of memories in here, it is my country and i love it with all the good and the bad things but the opportunities brought to our generation and to other generations also are very little. Most of the people in here don't have a house cause they cannot afford to buy it and basically most of people rent a house. The wages are minimal in the 80% of the population. Even-though i live in Tirane which is the capital of Albania i still aimed for my future. Like i said i have some big goals that i want to fulfill and the first thing it to find a way that opens the door of opportunities. For 11 years my family and I have been waiting for a migration visa to move in USA. and finally it is here in 21 January, just a few days from now i am moving in US. It is going to be very difficult for me and my parents. My parents don't speak English and starting the life from the beginning it is very challenging. My new destination very soon is Chicago, Illinois. But in this post I, want to share with you some concerns that i have. I mean it is going to be very difficult but it is for a better chance, for a better future. Although in the other way i'm sad, really sad. First of all i have an amazing grandma which i love with all my heart. She lives in our home. Because of some health issues she is disabled now and cannot walk, she cannot go outside or even take some steps by her self. Also one year ago her lifetime companion, my grandpa passed away from cancer and now she is only with us. But the migration visa does not include her, only my parent and me. And now that we are leaving she is going to be alone. We hired a woman to take care of her but still that is one of the most sad and difficult things for me. To leave my nana here. The other thing is that I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now. I love him with all my heart. To some of you it may look very simple but i'm scared of what is going to happen to our relationship. But in the bright side he is trying to get a student visa in Kanada so we can manage to be near each other and to have it easier to meet and take further actions with our life. He is trying from Kanada cause it is more expensive and more difficult for a US visa. Guys i really need your support in this moment and if anyone have experienced a sort of same thing please comment and give me some advice. I am excited, i am happy, i am also scared and challenged.

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10 Replies

  • Hi

    Good luck on the move hope it all goes smoothly. Sometimes a fresh start can be a great thing, getting used to the new country will be difficult but it will open a whole new world to you.

    Im sure your nan would want you to do what makes you happy in your life and would be upset if she felt she was holding you back. You can always call her and visit just because your in another country doesnt mean she will be out of your life completely. Its sweet that your partner is trying to move closer, long distance relationships are hard but they can work.

    I know it will be scary but think of it as a new adventure. Good luck

  • thank you :)

  • I think you will do fine, don't let fears hold you back.

    The move is good for you and your family, have faith in your relationships your Nana has the wisdom of many years and although you are moving, nowadays there are so many ways to keep in touch, i'm sure she will be fine.

    As for your boyfriend look forward to what you can have together later on, think true love - nothing beats that! with just a little time apart you can work towards your future together.

    Take it step by step.


  • i like to think so ... but my husband says i just have a big head about things and can't keep my mouth shut... lol - Enjoy life hun, you only get to live it the once.

  • Wow bless you that sure is a massive amount to deal with you poor thing even moving to a new country is a major thing without the issue of your loved ones staying thats bound to overwhelm you sweet it would any one its a massive amount to get to come to terms with all coming at you at once. Big gently hugs to you! I feel for you and am filled with admiration . I know it must break you're heart about your nanna the fact she is too frail to travel but i am sure she adores you anf your folks too and wants you all to find a way of life that hopefully will be happier that is all we want for people we love. She knows that she is only saying behind because her body is not strong enough not because of any other reason. And the love you share will be the same and never change.

    With your boyfriend its the same the distance wont break the bond and you will come back again as a couple really hope he gets the visa!

    You are an amazing girl and have a massive amount to deal with with worrying about your parents too thinking of you in my prayers each day as it comes much love xx

  • thank you so much!

  • Pleasure hon wishing you and your family every happiness! Xx

  • Hello from the USA vis Manila Sweet95. (American living in Manila Philippines for a short time). I will be very succinct with my response to your situation. You will most likely find my reply foreign or strange to your way of thinking and your view on life as a whole if you are not accustomed to hearing about God's ways. However, you can find great comfort in knowing that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob loves you and has a plan for your life. You are His treasure and He finds His pleasure in you. Now open a Bible and read the following verse found at Matthew chapter 6 verse 33..."Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things shall be added unto you!" Translation? "Put God first in your life and He will take care of everything else." Now that's a fairly tall order for some folks. What gets in our way to following God and His ways? Basically, there are three things, 1- Bitterness, 2- Temporal Values and 3- Moral Impurity. And now you need to realize that the issues in life that really matter to us spring from our heart. So, what is in your heart will be made manifest in your thoughts, motives, intentions, words and deeds. For you to find lasting solutions to your problems will require that you honestly and sincerely look to God and His Word for answers. He will not disappoint you. Just give Him a chance to show you how much He genuinely loves you. Go to Him in prayer right now and ask Him about His will for your life. God bless you!

  • thank you! I really believe in god and my prayers well most of them are return in a sort of way. I really do believe that everything is meant to be by the God's will. I really find peace in belief but i really hope for the best of my loved ones. Everything happens for a reason although it is really hurtful when you leave behind the people who care and played one of the most important part of my life.

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