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Good Morning...

So here goes, my first post.

I'm probably sure there's many of us sitting here at 1:30am planning the diets we are going to start over the next couple of days, you probably are searching diet plans, comparing gym membership prices and preparing for the weeks to come.

One thing that I have learnt over time is that preperation is key! It's good to plan to ensure we know what we can and camt eat over the next couple of weeks. We all know we will have 1 or 2 naughty snacks here and there but you should reward yourself for your efforts.

The times are going to be hard to us and don't deel that if you do side track and have a few to many snacks that you have not failed and give up.

REMEMBER - you are human and sometimes temptation is greater than man power but make sure you evaluate your portion control and build this in to your weekly plan.

I look forward to sharing posts and reading what you guys and girls have to say about your journey to sucess!

Please feel free to share any yummy recipes or tips and hints.

Good luck!!

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I've been watching Horizon this week. (BBC2)

Lots of good tips and only SOME people benefit from doing things in a group, but if it works for you then that's the way to go.

I cant afford a gym and someone told me your best equipment is your own body, and if you cant get outside it doesn't matter. There are still things you can do.

Be careful rewarding yourself. You can do more harm than good - even if you don't eat but just rest it can undo all the good work. However it's not the end of the world if you do slip up. Too many people beat themselves up for doing so, and then get distracted from the goal.

Good luck


Good Morning!

Yes, It's my first week of the 'healthy approach' too! I've been told off by my G.P that I need to 'get some weight off' as my blood pressure is too high, not going to be easy that's for sure, but with a gorgeous new baby Granddaughter, I want to be able to run around & play with, I need to take things seriously and do something about it, i've lost three pounds, only another two & a half stone to go!! I wish everyone here good luck & look forward to sharing updates with you all, here goes!.....


Hay just wishing u all the best in ur first week x x u sound very on the ball and determinded x


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