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Feeling Like a Whole Different Person!

Started my weight loss journey last year after saying enough is enough.

I was morbidly obese and getting bigger by the day. Sitting at a whopping 27 and a half stone (383lbs) and being only 25 is a scary thing.

Since starting my new lifestyle which consists of healthy eating and heading to the gym six times a week I have now taken my 9th stone off (126lbs) I am now sitting at 18 and a half stone (259lbs). I feel like a brand new person! No more being out of breath at the shortest of walks or stair climbs, no more sweating or worrying about sitting on a garden deck chair in the summer (simple things like this I lived with before). While I still have more to lose I can say with confidence I will get there. The support I have received from my fiancée and family has been overwhelming. Even you guys on here with your encouraging words have played a part up to this point.

Wish me luck on my further weight loss but I also wish luck to anyone else starting out now. It's a big cliché with weight loss but seriously folks, If I can do it, then so can you!

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thats incredible i am start starting off and i am determined to make a change and become healthy and Good luck you are doing sooo well !!!


What a fantastic story, well done and keep going.


What an amazing story! Well done you and good luck with your journey (although "luck" seems to be the last thing you are relying on).


Thank you for sharing your story truly inspirational, ive been doing this for 11 weeks and have lost 32lbs but still have about 98 to go, seems daunting but seeing that it is possible makes it seem so much more doable.

Well done on your loss and good luck for your future losses


Wow, and again WOW!! That is awesome, you must be so proud! Good luck with getting to your goal and many congrats :-)


Fantastic result! Well done.


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