emotional day

Well after i finished breakfast i went out with my boyfriend for a coffee and to tell the truth i didn't sleep very well the night before i mean i barely slept at all. You know there is something that happened to me about 3 years ago a very very bad memory which i don't like to mention it right now but it had a very big impact in my life it made me a cold person a person that many people would say without feelings you know and indeed nothing scared me anymore or made an impact on me. i never shared this thing before with no one even with my own family. When i met my boyfriend he was a very sweet person and actually made me to see the word in a completely different way, he gave me hope and courage. I saw this dr phil episode of a story of a girl and it was very similar with mine so it brought out so many memories and i can say that today it was really emotional to me. what i did today was that i wrote down in a piece of paper everything what happened, everything that i felt and after that just burned the paper and indeed just gave me this relief like this was over now and finally it is a new me. Anyway after that i came home and thought again that it is myself that i'm am fighting for, my life and i am not going to let anything to harm me anymore. You know when i brought out those memories i really was tempted to comfort in eating again junk food like i always did before i eat my feelings i eat myself and that was my mask, but i thought to myself i am strong i can do it and didn't do that instead i prepared myself a very healthy meal and a made it in a very decorative way to put a smile on myself and it really worked. You know after all life is not full of happiness and not full of hate but it is made with little drops of happiness that can cure everything.


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3 Replies

  • wow its great that you did not comfort eat , I am also over weight and I find comfort eating a big problem. I hope you can keep up the good work.xx

  • thank you conno, i know it is hard but i guess i realized that i love myself more than that extra amount of food. I wish that little by little you can reach your goals :)))) Just keep swimming ;)

  • Crikey. Well done you. Keep reading your very positive post when you need strength. You have it in you. I am sure that you will know that your comfort eating might be more like self-sabotage as, in the end, it doesn't give you comfort. That said, comfort foods really can make you feel like you have a warm hug around you. I think that's why soup can be so lovely, or a baked potato with beans or, or, or...

    Be kind to yourself and pretty soon itwill become a habit. Look to the future as it's the only thing that you may be able to change. What you can always change is how you deal with the moment you are in - and you did. Well done again.

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