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The New Year So Far

I was a good-ish person last night. I did have some wine and cheese and crackers, but not over board. I could have gone out to a friend's house, but just didn't fancy it.

So woke up today with no headache and feeling fairly positive. Did 30 minutes of yoga on the wii and then did this workout

which was fun, but really difficult.

Now breakfast and out for a walk.

I got a fitbit for my birthday in October and I'm obsessed. It has actually helped me sleep more as well.

I use myfitnesspal to monitor intake, but I'm not as good at that as I'd like to be.

I'm not avoiding marking in anyway what so ever! :)

Onwards and upwards everyone!

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Cheese and rough oatcakes are a regular for me, but I haven't had alcohol for about six years, and don't intend to go back!

Happy New Year!


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