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Just completed first week of the NHS diet plan. Found the plan very helpful and ( as usual) I have got off to a flying start, already shed 6 Lbs. By keeping to the plan and taking every aspect seriously I'm very pleased with the results. I spend ages searching for interesting low calorie meal plans and so far have enjoyed varied and satisfying menus. My main observation is that if you can cook and are prepared to cook from fresh ingredients the job of dieting is much easier than expecting a result using processed and read- meal products. I'm retired so have plenty of time to do my research and food preparation. My strategy to overcome the urge to 'snack' is to keep available a good fruit bowl and a bowl of grated carrot and celery nearby. I find a snack of this and a glass of water soon satisfies.

At over 15 stone and 5'-7" I really do have to make this work. Have tried many times, joined weight loss clubs and even paid for a Hypnotic Gastric Band. Nothing have so far given me such hope as this plan.

Any advice on how to keep to the straight and narrow would be helpful.

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Seems to me you are off to a great start!! Well done, I find planning snacks to take to work ahead of time really helps so im not suddenly craving a snack and have nothing available.

fresh food is definitely good to use. Although I keep a couple of low cal ready meals in the freezer for when im short on time or doing a 12 hour shift and too tired to cook.

have a support network you can rely on when things get tough, and try to distract yourself if you do get cravings, drink water, play games, card making, jewellery making, anything really to keep you busy so you dont snack.

Plan when you will do exercise so you always have time to do some, even in front of tv.

you are doing great keep up the good work :-)


Cheers for the advice, sorry it's taken me so long to reply; only just getting the hang of how the site works.

Celebrated the jump from OBESE to OVERWEIGHT a few days ago, just words of course but the feeling of achievement has given me such a lift. Celebrated by wearing a blazer that I have been unable to get into for several years ! It' s a bit tight but with a black tee shirt underneath I looked and felt good, even on the sub zero temperatures.

Doing more exercise and feeling younger and fitter than ever before. Planning a 750 miles bike ride for May .

The last 11 weeks on this diet and exercise have been really a lot easier than I ever expected.


Glad its all gone so well! You've done really well, keep up the good work. Good luck with the bike ride sounds immense, dont think i could do that lol



I think you already have most of the strategies in place. I found that the key to it was planning and having suitable snacks around. I also use smaller plates and although I don't eat a lot of bread I buy small loaves so the slices are smaller. Another tip is to not get too hungry.

If you are exercising as well c25k is great. your motivation will increase when you start to feel and look so much better and people start to notice.

Good luck with your journey


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