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skinnylizzie2 stone

I haven't gone down since Friday so slightly despondent but still determined to get to my, when I was young, weight!! Probably a big anti-climax when I get there but hey I am going to find out before its too late. I think it is very hard to keep going when there is a plateau and that is when you need your buddies to keep saying, don't give in. I watched the program on, diet well, last night ch. 4,7at 8pm. did any one see it. I thought the lady who had grapefruit before every meal did overall the best but as with all these programmes you don't get the full facts, hers made the most sense. I think there is a chemical in grapefruit which does something to metabolism, I remember from way back there being the grapefruit diet , also known to affect people on statins. So this morning had grapefruit instead of an orange!! I definitely think the cook in dolmio sauces, even if they are light, hold onto water, as my feet were swollen for first time in10 weeks same with w.w. soup, weight went up on 3 occasions when I had those and had run out of homemade. Its difficult to get this right and with all the no go foods in shops. Have come to conclusion that going round tesco is like a mine field and am now contemplating the farm shop and going online. Hope you are all doing well out there and are in positive mode as Jan is supposed to be the worst time of year lets make it the best for all of us on our journey xx

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Please don't be despondent Skinnylizzie, I didn't lose anything for 10 days, but when I got on the scales on Monday, I'd lost 2.5 lbs! You can and will do it, although I agree January not the best month, it's nearly over with spring and summer to look forward to. Our farm shop has too many scrumptious goodies to tempt and when Tesco shopping I only go down the veg aisle, milk aisle and any I really need (not fancy or it would be the cake and biscuit aisle too!) 😊

skinnylizzie2 stone in reply to Anon-E-Mouse

that's really encouraging thankyou x

Hi Lizzie, Don't be despondent! I have tried lots of diets over the years, as I am sure many on this forum have, and there are always times when your weight sticks and you will get frustrated. This way of healthy eating is by far the best way for me as I get to fill up on healthy foods and almost feel guilty that I am not feeling hungry nor do I get the cravings for biscuits, chocolate, alcohol etc. I am losing the weight slowly but i know from just what I have cut out I HAVE to lose weight over the long term :-) Keep the faith - John

skinnylizzie2 stone in reply to kantara71

Thankyou , yes I know what you mean I don't get cravings any more as I have completely cut out alcohol, cakes and chocolate for the last 11 weeks and its not even lent!! Surprising how the cravings went, for me it is the key factor in my weight loss ,I am one pound off 2 stone so that is why it is so frustrating, I'm not good at patience, but compensating by trying on all the clothes that now fit!!

Hidden in reply to skinnylizzie

and don't forget the other little things that used to be a nightmare when you were 2 stone heavier- I'm only just over half a stone down yet i no longer have a muffin top on the wrong side of my bra lol oh and i can already briskly walk to the shop without dying oh and my tummy doesnt stick out so much so i can see a bit of my feet!!!

Happy days... a number on the scale is just a number (even if you ate identical food everyday it will still fluctuate)... the loss of niggles you used to bear due to your weight (that you no longer have) must be priceless - keep smiling and remember where you've come from

: )

skinnylizzie2 stone in reply to Hidden

thankyou and yes we must build on what we have done. my jeans are getting looser yesss!

ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi Lizzie,

The next episode of 'Trust Me, I'm a Doctor' is on tonight - 8pm, and it's been really good on the topic of weight loss so far.

So definitely watch it if you're interested. It's 10 minutes to 8 now, so not long.

Wishing you a successful week, and I think it's great that you've conquered your cravings - really well done!

Keep going, and you'll get the results you want in the end, it will be worth the wait.

I'm going to get a cup of tea to watch that programme now.

Have a great evening.

Lowcal :-)

thanks will do

keep going, you can do this :-) Best wishes x

June1965Restart Feb 2020

Well I can't tell you the last time I went down!!! Love l...

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