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Carb addiction

Hello all

I have about 3 stone to lose and realise this will take a while- I just cant get started. Despite being over weight, I don't really overeat on junk food. I think I am addicted to carbs and rely on pasta, bread, potatoes and rice for most meals. I'd really appreciate any advice on how to cut down on this or what I could replace it with. I've tried veggie soups etc and I find I am hungry about an hour later!

I feel I am stuck in a food rut and can't get a way out


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Carbs a bummer they really are, I think most the developed world is pretty much dependent on them now so you're not alone.

For pasta replacement you can use vegetables like courgettes and carrots to create quite effective spaghetti or ribbons, I've got a little machine that does it but you can do some of the pasta types just as easily with a knife. Bread is difficult to replace from a Low Carb point of view and often you have to bite the bullet and remove it, though for things like Burgers you can use large mushrooms and you can create some interesting wraps using lettuce. For potatoes you can use Sweet Potatoes which have less starch in them than white potatoes, Cauliflower and Parsnips can be blended together with butter to make a nice mash substitute and Cauliflower can be chopped up to resemble rice, it's quite a good low carb substitute for rice once you are use to it, you can even experiment and add spices and vegetables to produce some really great tasting "Cauliflower Rice" dishes.

If you increase your Fat and Protein intake to compensate you'll feel less hungry, in fact you should not feel hungry at all if you get the balance right. Remember to moderate your protein intake though if your initial goal is weight loss, as too much protein can stall that. Try and avoid Fat from grains and seeds.

Google LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diets if you want more details, there is a ton of resource available now.

Good Luck


Thanks so much for the suggestions! I really appreciate it. Like the idea of mushrooms for bread rolls. And sweet potatoes- I didn't know about that .

I guess small steps will make the difference.

Thanks again


Hi ecp76!

OlsBean's ideas are great. If you're really struggling to cut out your carbs, and you think that you might not be able to sub them out entirely then there are lower calorie options to your favourites. For example, instead of white pasta, you could opt for wholegrain pasta (which is has much fewer calories than white) and go for brown or wild rice instead of white rice. White bread has relatively little nutritional value compared to its wholegrain counterpart (and you can get wholegrain varieties of all of your favourite bread products) but if you're a sucker for white bread, then you could start off choosing half and half breads and slowly transitioning to wholegrain.

You don't have to cut everything out straight away, in fact, I wouldn't, as you may find yourself craving your carbs and binging on them. As for potatoes (they're my biggest weakness) you may just have to reduce quantities (avoid carbs at lunch so that you can have more during your evening meal)- sweet potatoes are, as stated, a great alternative and boiled potatoes are just fine in small quantities. I would recommend signing up with a food tracker site, like myfitness pal, which has a carb tracker so you can see how much you're eating and you'll be able to see which foods have lower counts etc.

I'm only on my second week of a major diet change, so I'm definitely new to all of this. Like yourself, my diet was heavily carb-based, so I feel you!

As for "I just cant get started"- you'll be excellent; you've already started your weight loss journey by seeking some advice.

Good luck!




Thanks for your reply. I think you're right about not cutting it out altogether. Too drastic a change that I won't be able to sustain. I will give the alternatives that you mentioned a try-thanks for the ideas.

Hope you've had a successful two weeks!


Cutting down slowly is a good idea, otherwise you can end up feeling pretty rough ("low carb flu"). Moving away from wheat based food, eventually, of you can, is recommended.

Perhaps try a protein based breakfast, eggs for example, to get you off to a good start.

I've lost over 2 stone without feeling hungry after changing to a lower carb diet. It takes a bit of experimenting to find the level of carbs that works best.

Hope it works for you.


As with breaking any bad habits, you will need to be patient at the beginning. It’s the hardest to do at the start. Drink a large glass of water whenever you feel a craving for carbohydrates. Allow yourself whole grain carbohydrates. These foods are filling in the long term, and do not create the destructive cycle of peaks and valleys you experience with refined carbohydrates. Keep vegetable sticks, nuts and cuts of cooked meat on hand for easy snacking. Get help from your friends and peers. Let them know about your decision to eliminate refined carbs from your diet. Track and celebrate your progress. Mark your calendar for each day you successfully resist the temptation of refined carb, and celebrate for each week and month. Choose rewards that motivate you, but don't tie eating carbs to your reward structure. If you suffer from a clinical addiction, do not try to beat it alone with just the help of an Internet article. You should seek professional help to overcome a clinical-level addiction.


Try Warburtons white or wholemeal thins. I love them toasted, and their only 100 calories a portion, I have lost 3st 3lbs in 5mths and the thin breads have kept me satieted. On maintenance now under goal weight.

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