Slow but steady progress

Been a few weeks since I last posted but I am still here plodding on. The weight is still trending downwards but I tend to have weeks where my weight remains static or rises slightly and weeks where I lose up to 2lbs.

At weigh-in this week I was 12st 2lbs giving me a total loss now of 2st 5.5lbs.

My activity levels are still good with two gym sessions and two half hour swims per week. My mobility issues have all but gone though I still get occasional twinges in my knees - my sciatica rarely flares up anymore but my back is still a problem and I accept probably always will be -,three pregnancies and 30 years (of my 48) of being overweight and obese haven't helped.

Good luck everyone this week


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7 Replies

  • I too used to swim and do water aerobics and Zumba but but my knees now won't let me. So going to try and use my home bike more and little and often, worked out I just need 5 minutes per day, so hopefully will keep up. I agree being obese and overweight does not help and makes you feel low too. Well it does me.

  • Hi Celet, funnily enough I started off on an exercise bike as it was the only exercise I could do. As my mobility increased my doctor suggested mobility exercises at the gym and swimming with strict instructions to avoid any weights, resistance or high impact exercise. That was a year ago and my mobilty is now fantastic, I even found myself jogging back to my car last week when I got caught in a sudden rain storm. I feel so much better physically and emotionally. Keep it up... Every bit of exercise helps, just stop as soon as you feel any pain or discomfort. Good luck this week x

  • Thanks for the post. Your loss is indeed something to be proud of. I yo yo a bit in terms of the amount of weight I lose each week and am finding it harder to shift those last pounds, but I WILL DO IT! Unlike you I am older and this time has to be the last time I diet so I consider it as a lifestyle change. As regards weight loss I made a spreadsheet of weights and every few weeks I highlight where I am. Over the year (yes I started in January!) I have highlighted my weights and it is great to see that even with weeks usually holidays, where nothing was lost I am still not far off my target. I'm on a 3st loss now and really need to lose another stone to get my BMI down to 25. Good luck, enjoy the gym, I do and the swimming.

  • Hi Ysyswen,

    Had to smile at the 'older' comment. Doctor gave me a target weight of 11st because of my age saying a few pounds overweight is of no consequence to older women. At 48 I sometimes feel VERY old especially on days my arthritis flares. This is also my final chance to get my lifestyle changed as I had other health problems including a fatty liver and high blood pressure directly related to my obesity. I have been losing weight for eight months after an nhs referral to weightwatchers so also have a graph detailing my loss over the weeks - great arn't they. I would recommend keeping a record like this to anyone. Its a great way to see how far you have come especially when you have a 'no loss' or 'gain' week.

    I suppose rather than referring to a 'weight loss journey' which implies an ending, we should be referring to this as the early stage of a new lifestyle to get our heads used the idea that this way of living is forever. The weightloss is a welcome and much needed side effect of a healthy lifestyle.

    Well done on a 3st loss. It takes dedication to manage that (i am not far behind you - also a stone to go) and yes, the last stone is the toughest.

    Have a good week

  • I like the idea of this being the last diet! I think that when I have lost this weight I will be so grateful I will be vigilant about my food forever.

  • Well done on your gradual loss.

  • I too have knee problem and know the weight isn't good, not for any of my organs either and life in general, but in menopause doesn't help, unfortunately 54 years young. I only started on Monday and intend to weight in Sundays I think. I was 13.7, so heres hoping. Chris

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