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im puzzled but want to get it right

stevieboy3331 stone

hi I weighed 19st 4lb two weeks ago , I now weigh 18st 9lb on a strict 1400 cal diet , but reading the website nhs , I want to increase my calorie intake but still lose weight at around 2lb per week . when I look at the bmi chart it gives me two calorie values , 2104 - 2705 , would I be right in saying that if I stick to the lower one of the two I should lose 2lbs per week

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Hi and welcome stevieboy333

Well done on your weight loss so far 🌟⭐️🌟

Regarding your query, if you aim for the higher range you will enjoy it and then you can lower it to suit your needs.. but if you aim for the lower range, you have nothing to come down to..

Remember to check the NHS BMI calculator every so often as your weight drops so that you get an adjustment on the suggested range..

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

stevieboy3331 stone in reply to Minniewinny

thanks hun much appreciated


Hi stevieboy333,

The calorie range given you by the NHS BMI calculator is a guide to losing between 1 and 2 pounds per week, but there are no guarantees, as we all lose weight at different rates.

My advice would be to stop being in a big hurry to lose the weight, follow a lifestyle aimed at improving your health, with weight loss as a happy side-effect. If you start 'dieting', chances are fast losses will be regained, or restrictions will lead to unsustainability.

Aim to eat as much as you can, whilst still losing weight, as you'll have to decrease as you lose weight anyway. Start too low and you'll have nowhere to go.

I'll draw your attention to one of your own replies from 7 months ago

"be careful you don't go too low with the calories, because as daft as it seems if you go too low the body will automatically go in to starvation mode its a way of the body protecting itself by thinking nothings coming in and youll struggle to loose weight"

You knew the answer then :)

stevieboy3331 stone in reply to moreless


Hi, stevieboy333, Welcome.

You may be encouraged by your initial weight loss, but it is, almost certainly, mostly fluid etc.

Most of the members on this forum have metabolic problems which prevent them losing weight rapidly - perhaps you are not one of them.

The Admins usually recommend starting at the top of the recommended range, and one or two pounds a week is the normal recommended rate of weight loss...

As you say, the bottom of the recommended range is likely to result in two pounds a week loss, but try it and make adjustments as required.

I lost a stone at two pounds a week, and have now lost another seven pounds at one pound a week.

2lbs a week as a male is probably quite achievable.... but as others have said, the closer to your goal weight you get, the more difficult it becomes to lose weight. Plus your calorie allowance will reduce as you lose (make sure you check your allowance regularly to take account for your loss!)

Better to lose it nice and slowly. Aiming in the middle of the range will ensure that you have enough calories for those weeks or days when you may need a few more - for a social occasion, a meal out, a treat... it's all about not depriving yourself too much so that you get fed up and then fall off the rails.

You'll find over time what works best for you.

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