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Week 1

Week 1 seemed to go OK, I managed to stay between 14-1500 calories each day.

Monday 1422

Tuesday 1467

Wednesday 1365

Thursday 1488

Friday 1436

Saturday 1658

I know it's only 6 days rather than 7 as I didn't start last Sunday but decided to stick with Sunday as my weigh in day as I've been doing that for a while.

So I thought I hadn't done too badly and I've done 3 hours on my exercise bike this week so was expecting a reasonable weight loss. Stepped on the sacales this morning and I've lost a grand total of 200g. Needless to say I'm not exactly bowled over by that figure.

I don't think I can do any better food wise, I've just been sticking to 3 main meals a day with no snacking. The only thing I think I will try doing some interval training on the exercise bike ,as opposed to 4 45-50 main sessions.

Fingers crossed for a better result next week.

Hope everyone else has had a good week.

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It sounds like you're doing well with food and exercise and are in control. Sometimes people report having a 'big' weight loss week, followed by a 'small' weight loss week. Other people talk about how their exercise tones their bodies and that muscle weighs more than fat, but your dress size might be smaller. I wouldn't worry yet, as you had a loss (even though it was small) - keep up the hard work and see how next week goes when you weigh in


Wise words. Thanks.


You are doing well, I found to cut sugar and lower carbs helped me. I have been doing the 15 min. Every second day is all the exercise is all we need to do. I have dropped 11 kg. in 10 weeks. Keep up the walking. Look at natural health Sherpa


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