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My second week

Hi I'm really sorry, not being responding, my language skill is not that great plus I do not know what to say so pls forgive me .....!

I'm on my second week diet, I have lost 1.5 kg without counting calories or sticking with exercise. I've tried to download the meal plan but there was an error , also I'm an Asian only eat white meat & fish n eggs plus lots of lentils ,rice etc so for me I do not know how to count calories and stop a 1400. Any suggestions ..?

I will try to do some exercise at least 3 times a week for extra help. I canot not run cause heavy weight and some problems on my left foot ankle . Any ideas are welcome .

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Hi Pat,

Firstly, congratulations on losing 1.5kg this week. That is a great start to your second week. Sorry to hear you had difficulties downloading the 12-week plan, and I wonder if you could try again, or get a friend to help you. I think it's worth trying again as there are lots of suggestions on the plan that are really helpful.

Also, a way to track your calories could be to use an app which records them and keeps track of them - something like Myfitnesspal. I use that one, and find it easy to use and really helpful.

You mentioned that you can't run because of your ankle, and it might be worth speaking to your GP about what exercises would suit you? Or maybe consider regular gentle walks to start off with, if you can cope with walking. There are exercises you can do in the house too, maybe using weights for toning.

I hope you have a good week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you for support . Yes i will go for slow walk to build some strength on my foot. And I will try to download the app.

Thank you so much


If you have a swimming pool near you, they often do exercises in the water, which takes the weight off your knees and ankles. I do something called aquaerobics at my local pool.

Well done on the weight loss Pat.


Hello, I agree with the advice about seeing your doctor about your ankle. Otherwise, losing weight shouldn't be too bad as there are a lot of healthy choices that you can make. Your letter seems to suggest that maybe your ankle caused you to take too little exercise or that you may have been eating portion sizes that were bigger than you needed. I am pretty sure that checking calories will work but I am wondeing whether checking portion sizes will be useful anyway. Do some weighing - see what, say, 200g of cooked rice looks like. Also, the use of fat might be more generous than you think. Yes, you do need fat but you may be using too much. The other area to look at is sugar - maybe there are sweets which are maybe too sticky and sweet. You will know of the many recipes which can be made using the wide range of vegetables, pulses and fruits which are available. Meat can be used as seasoning (meaning - use little) and with an eye on cutting back on carbohydrates (lentils, rice, starchy foods) you will be eating well and losing weight. Looks like having a go at downloading the 12 week plan, downloading something like myfitnesspal or getting a calorie counting book and getting a set of scales. Slimming groups can also give good encouragement, just like this forum, as well as good recipe ideas. There's a calorie checker on the NHS choices site - nhs.uk/Livewell/weight-loss...


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