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Starting my student weight loss

Not really sure what to write about at the moment. Was basically fed up of feeling like the body i live in was the wrong one and came across this and the 12 week weight loss plan from NHS so thought i would give it a go, and hope that if i'm writing it down it will stop me from giving up so easily. I am currently a student and have realised that the pounds have been creeping on since i started university due to all the booze and the food after the booze. I have always felt large, even as young as 12, i would be on family holidays and be conscious about being in my swimming costume. I am determined that this is the last time i start something and give up and this time actually continue with it in order to feel healthier and better in myself.



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Good for you! Did you know that they're planning to put calories on alcohol labels as people don't realise just how fattening it can be. If you stick to the rule of eat less, move more you will lose weight. Good luck

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Thank you! That would be helpful. Yes, when i throw myself into a new diet i tend to see result quite quickly but loose motivation so comments are really encouraging. Thanks


I hope and wish that you will get towards the weight you are happier with.

People say it's will power, no one is making you eat,there is no excuse for it.

Maybe their is no excuse but there is always a reason.

I am many,many stones over weight and I don't see a way out. I have dieted and it was successesful for some twelve years I was even a size 6 for a couple of years now I need a 2 in front of the 6.

I do have very limited mobility and take some thirty tablets plus a day,believe me I hardly eat as the side effects of nearly all the drugs I take is nausea and I take tablets for that aswell.

i must admitt to one problem with my food intake and that is nearly everything is packed of sugar if it's not I put some sugar on it!

No it's not to that extreme but when I do eat I prefer it to be sweet rather than savoury.

That is one side effect of my morphine tablets.

I really do wish you successes and actually acknowledging your weight and speaking of it is a very big step to take.wish you well



People have given good advice and you seem to be giving yourself a good talking to. Well done. I am wondering whether you are making the most of your chances at university currently. You have talked about failure and I am concerned that you do the best that you can to ensure that the degree that you get is a good one and sets you up well for a future career for the slim, positive you. The booze doesn't just contain empty calories it also lowers your inhibitions so you eat more and the next day you probably eat more to sort out the hangover. That doesn't make sense to your studies or your pocket and maybe not even your social life, I think. If you need to tell everyone that you are allergic to alcohol, don't like the taste or ar taking medication which doesn't allow it, then do that. You are seeing the longer game, the bigger picture - keep that in mind. Good luck.


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