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Here's the update :)

Almost there! :).. I have been sticking to my health plan (with the help of a fitness instructor at the gym I go) and exercise regime I have been given for two weeks now religiously and I have list 2kg of fat :D I am pretty much the same weight though, why you ask? Because I have gained a Kiki of muscle!

Sale are not the be all and end all!! I actually completely ignore them until I have a meeting with the instructor and he measures the flabby bits and works out all the mathematical bits and pieces!!

I almost fit back into my old clothes and I am determined to get to each goal I set, I feel absolutely magical.

Everyday I workout is another day closer to feeling untouchable!

Yes I have had up and downs, everyone is going to, even the extremely fit and famous but you push yourself through, reevaluate, brush yourself off and start again, no need to be upset or bear yourself up, just never on, and treat yourself alrite when you reach goals!!!

I hope this helpful for anyone who reads this, I just want everyone to feel as worthwhile as everyone should! Xx

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Gained a Kilo of muscle

Scales are not the be all and end all



Well done. the other aspect is that as you are feeling so much better it will be good motivation to carry on.

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