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Week 4

Weight change: -0.5kg (-1.1lbs)

Waist change: NA

What a change! I feel fantastic. I have been on top of the world all week. Not sure if it's because work is going well or if I feel better in myself or if it is just the thought of new trousers being so close but something clicked this week.

Any concerns: Am I going to feel so good I take my eye off the ball? I hope not.

Any positives: Feeling absolutely fab

Roll on week 5!

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Ah, copy paste gone wrong. That should be 1.7kg or 3.75lbs lost this week. Sorry


That is a great result for the week; hope next week will bring the same kind of success.


Wonderful, I was promising me and my family some salmon (outsch, still food) when I have shifted 3kg more. In slow attempts I have manged 2kg so far.- Will your trousers be a father Christmas red with ren deers all over, as we are going forward to seasons festivities? Good luck to you and happy progress:-)


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