Help I emotionally eat!

I know its me that has to be on control, I do use my fitness pal ! But everything is only when I am good! Then I go out of control and ruin all the good I have managed. I have at least 4stone to loose I yoyo! Then depressed. I have help but I am still not in control. Have pain eat more when I can't cope with it. Sorry to sound negative, I try usually to help rather than ask,I would appreciate any help out there.


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  • Hi Peacerose,

    Firstly, you clearly have some underlying medical issue, so I think you should talk with your GP or Practice Nurse about how that might impinge upon your weight loss efforts (and vice versa). It is possible that medications you are on might have an impact on your weight loss efforts.

    Also, I think perhaps you should be discussing some degree / a better regime of pain management with your doctor.

    In terms of comfort eating - is that what you mean by emotional eating? - or indeed boredom eating or many other bad eating habits, there are various strategies you can adopt to take control of the time / place / psychological cues / availability of the stuff you eat at those times.

    If you've not already had a good read around the NHS live well lose weight pages, then I'd suggest you do that - it's good and free advice.

    Any significant and permanent change of your body weight will require a significant and permanent change in your eating habits, in terms of type of food, quantity or frequency or some combination of those.

    Such changes - like giving up smoking, or indeed, many other 'bad'/unhelpful habits - will involve, for a time, being outside your comfort zone.

    However, as someone who used to shovel the chocolate (and chocolate covered) bars in, I can assure you that in time your old habits will vaporise and those challenging and demanding new ways, will cease to be challenging and demanding and will just be "what you do". And that often happens surprisingly quickly. Typically, within about 3 months - sometimes much faster.

  • I am going to red NHS live well again all your words true eating does not make life better I know its as if I do it to beat myself up!

  • Positive, help thanks.

  • You should be proud of everything you accomplish. I used to eat like that too, now I have only low calorie snacks in the house, and if I feel tempted I drink some water and do something to occupy myself, ccurrently I am burning 1.5 terebytes of films onto disks lol taking forever but keeps my hands busy so I dont snack.

    dont see a bad day as a failure, see it as a small setback, start againesh the next day and maybe even do a little extra exercise to make up for it. None of us is perfect we all have bad days. You are not alone in this

  • Thank you it just me feel bad about myself

  • I completely understand. I never used to think I was good enough for anything. I went to talking therapy and they really helped me to sort my head, I still have bad days but I go through my relapse prevention when really low to get back on track. Good luck with everything. You can get referred from the gp or you can refer yourself. The first step is admitting u need help, doesnt make you weak. Takes a strong person to ask for help

  • Thanka will do.

  • Hi Peacerose,

    I have just logged on tonight after about 4 months of ignoring my weight.I have put on a stone in that time and all my good eating habits from the beginning of the year have disappeared. However, I guess it's good to finally be facing it again. My biggest problem is comfort eating too. In fact, I seem to like eating whatever the reason! I know I eat the wrong foods and I also eat way too much of them but it isn't easy to restrict yourself when you feel down so I give in (and temporarily feel better).

    I guess one thing I've thought about a lot recently is why I'm in such a bad pattern. I also have some health problems and also eat more when I am in pain. You talk about being in control/not in control. I wonder if life is really that black and white? It sounds like you have lots of plates spinning so you must be in control of lots of things - maybe you're just wanting 100% control, which is pretty impossible in most situations. Maybe it would help to write a list of all the things you are in control of/responsible for? Sometimes we have to identify our strengths/abilities in order to demonstrate to ourselves that we can manage to tackle this task too. Then set small SMART goals. Maybe lose 2 pounds, rather than aiming for 4 stone. Maybe it's about changing one small thing at a time. This is what I plan to do.

    I'm not sure I've been much help but at least you know you're not alone so feel free to contact me whenever you need support, it's what we all log on to this site for. :)

  • Thanks! You are a mind reader, I will try to have grey areas so I don't beat myself then compensate with food. I do wish to help myself so i am going t take baby steps, and need to give myself me time to understand how the real me!

  • Good luck' writing on here helped me start again, like it was suggested to myself, tiny steps and of it goes wrong except I and try!x

  • Read this again thanks again!

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