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Week 1

Hey all im on week 1 day 2 doing well so far, amazed myself with the meal combos ive come up with so far, and eating breakfast for the first time in years :-) ive got a long way to go but all begins with the first step, decided my first goal is 1 stone by Christmas staring small as have fibromyalgia and exercise can be painful. But so far so good :-)

Hope everyone else is doing well?

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Hi:) I'm beginning next week, well done for starting your journey! What sort of meal combos have you came upon ?

All ideas are welcome :)



Just starting myself too:) one stone by Xmas is a great goal, & I would say is ambitious enough whilst being realistic. Be lovely to hear how you get on, good luck! X


Just started (again!!) - Day one - porridge and orange juice, defrosting root veg soup for lunch, makings of a low fat shepherds pie in the slow cooker for dinner.

NHS support group was put back to next week, but I have signed up for 6 weeks of therapy sessions. Fibro kicked in big style now Autumn is here. Goal is 8lb loss by Xmas - and to get back on the supported exercise programme that I had to abandon in the Summer when I unexpectedly needed an op.

Bought new weigh scales - they arrived today and I do not like what they say! My big winter coat will not quite fasten round me, so really need to get going fast before it gets too cold.


Hey all. First night I had pasta and veg with sweet chillo sauce. Second night I had prawns and veg with egg noodles with a chilli and garlic sauce very yummy. Find it harder when on a double at work as they dont have many healthy options. So a salad with ham today :-)

I use my wii fit to weigh myself, gives me an excuse to play it once a week too lol. Helping my dad move this weekend so that should help burn some extra calories.

Fibro sucks completely lol but well done starspeakman on trying again. Never give up :-)

I need a new coat too defo getting cold enough to need one lol

hope you are all doing well. Keep up the good work


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