i have attempted losing weight since i was a curious, food munching pre-teen. Now since being at the peek of my hormonal mountain, i have decided that this time the extra 4 stone of lardy weight i lug around with myself i everywhere i go, NEEDS to leave. Now it isn't the number which haunts me, its how those pesky pounds amount to squishy rolls around my thighs, stomach, back and arms. this time i am determined to ditch the starving and the binging and the "oooh i'll just try being sick" and swap to a plan which may just be the answer to my prayers. C'MON TOMORROW-ITS FAT MELTING TIME.

starting weight: 13st 5lbs

goal weight: at least 10st


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9 Replies

  • Hi Sarah-Louise(?)

    welcome and good on you for starting the journey. So good to hear you've taken the plunge. I know just how you feel. This is a really good forum and since I took the plunge I've had a few downs & ups but the help and support on here has been invaluable.

    All the best and here's to some good and healthy weight loss.

    Ruth :)

  • Thank you so much!

  • Tackle the hormone issue! Then tackle the weight loss, good luck , hormones vital, and yet a pain!

    Good luck x

  • good idea! thank you! x

  • Absolutely - it is time for the fat to go, and sensible eating to start: for the love of ourselves ...

  • It's okay to love yourself at any size- however i feel that maintaining a healthy weight is the ultimate form of self love. good luck x

  • I had a light bulb moment like that a few weeks ago when I was trekking in Peru. I have gradually put on three stone in the last couple of years and it occurred to me whilst lugging my lardy arse up mountains that I had made the trek so much harder for myself and was actually carrying around a holiday suitcase worth of excess fat that was needless! As soon as I returned I got on the 12 week plan and have already shed the first stone in 5 weeks. I aim for 2 stone in the 12 weeks which I am on track to do. I already feel so much better for it - more flexible and energetic. I am cross with myself for allowing the weight to creep on but I am moving swiftly in the right direction. Good luck to you!

  • thankyou! i know i'll feel fantastic when i hit goals however its the lead up(: good luck to you also!

  • I have been doing the clean food eating for 9 weeks and having great results. Dropping sugar is stopping the cravings and no carbs. Look into it, I am sure you will love it too. 8 kg gone, only a few more to go! Look at "natural health"

    hope it will help you, I love that I do not look for sweet snacks


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