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Hello, I'm Debbie, 20, a wife and mother to one girl!

I had my baby 15 months ago and gained 5 and half stone during pregnancy from a mixture of poor diet, lack of exercise (I suffered severe SPD, literally couldn't wake upstairs) and had several serious Medical Complications increasing my weight. After a very dramatic birth and near death experience I decided to get up and do something about my massive weight gain!

So 15 months after having my daughter I am lighter than my pre-pregnancy body however I'm not as toned!

I was 'obese' at the start of pregnancy due to Medical Complications. I've always been slim, toned and active!

So after gaining 9 stone in 2 years and started recovering I actually got up and changed everything.

I still have another 3-4 stone to go until I reach my target weight! I have so much motivation now, especially when I think about clothes shopping however i do have terrible days where I don't want to exercise or want to eat more than I should! hopefully the support will give me the strength to pull through :)

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Hi Debbie -sorry to hear about the problems you had with your pregnancy. It sounds as if you've already made some positive changes. We all lack motivation at times- that's life!

I found the 12 week plan really helped me and my OH to make the changes we needed to make in order not just to lose weight but to keep it off in the long term. Like you, I was always slim before my children were born but that was 30 years ago- I no longer have that excuse!

Exercise will help- I do a mixture of yoga and pilates rather than running or jogging- I think it is much better at toning up lazy muscles.

I think it is all about finding out what works for you and your lifestyle- so good luck and stay positive.


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