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New start....again!


So hopefully this will be the final time I make a new start!

I currently weigh 19st 10.2lbs and really need to shift the weight! I'm fed up of feeling fat and hating myself. I struggle with comfort eating. Most of my friends are slim and sometimes I feel they all look down on me. I'd like to be able to go and buy nice clothes instead of looking frumpy! Plus I'm a nurse so really should lead by example.

So today is the start of a new beginning! Fingers crossed!

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Go for it Tilly! Once your mind is set and you start to see those pounds fall away then it is all worth while. I started out on 1st June at 18st 4lbs and today I am 14 stone 11 lbs. Having lost three and a half stone to date, I can now do what you desire and that is to go into an ordinary clothes shop and buy lovely clothes. Needless to say I still have a long way to go, but Tilly I want it so badly that I will not let food rule my life any more, my sensible head will do that instead! Join us for our weekly weigh in on Mondays to let us know how you are doing, write down everything you eat and drink and feel good about yourself. Just take small achievable steps and one goal at a time such as 19st 3.2lbs (your first half stone), then to dip below the 19's into the 18's and then the full stone. Good luck, you really can do it X

Thanks! Your post has given me some hope. Huge congratulations on your weight's fantastic

Candystripe7 stone
in reply to Tilly2488

Believe me when I say I know exactly how you feel. Prior to June 1st it could have been me writing your message and just reading everyone's posts, although it gave me encouragement I just didn't think I would be able to do it. However, I am doing it because I want it so badly. Even down to exercise I couldn't see myself active like that BUT it came! I can honestly say that since the day I started I haven't gained weight any week as my theory is why spend time and effort losing weight to have to do it all over again! Treat yourself to an item of clothing that you really like that is a little too small for you but one that you would like to fit in and keep it in sight. I now have three size 16 blouses that are gorgeous and although I can get them on (couldn't get them over my arms initially!) and do them up, they are still just a little tight, but I know I will be in them very comfortably by Christmas. If you slip up one day, get straight back on track the following day, don't think about starting again in a few more days or next week!

Good luck Tilly and keep posting for support.

You will feel great once you shift those lbs. I lost all interest in buying new clothes while I was waddling about the shops. Now I can treat myself to something nice to wear usually after every 7 llb milestone. For the first time in years I bought some new tops and trousers in M&S sale yesterday and enjoyed every minute, whereas before I always scurried past the clothes rails. Goodluck..

good luck! you can do it!

My advice is to just take it a pound at a time. I started my journey at 19 stone back in June and am now 15 stone, still have a long way to go and that sometimes makes me feel hopeless but I am much nearer now then back then and this time I honestly think my life is different now, I am not dieting but I am eating better and moving more!

Good luck can i just say drink alot of water all day and night when you can it works well ? N e way good luck

Thanks guys for all your responses! It's nice to see that others have been in my situation and have made some great's so encouraging!

I with ya with on that. I am the same. There been so many times I say that's it new start only to turn to food. It hard to brake that cycle. I have the best intentions at the start. Then something come along that stress me out or upsets me. I fed up of making excuses for every thing I done wrong the chocolate cake hear crisps there. But I have to do it for my health and feeling pressure to lose the weigh. I have come to learn I have to do it for me and to feel better about my self. I telling you this as we have all been there. And we are ower own worst critics and punshs our self. I had to learn to love my self and if I had a bad day then draw a line under it. Try and forget it . and move on. As its a new day. As thinking about it over In Your head will it will make you eat more as you still say in that zone of omg I just eate a big bar of chocolate. Oh well I might of eat that packet of crisp biscuits. As I eat bad now might as enjoy more junk food. Then be for you know. You put on six pounds then you feel bad. Then give up. But ya got to keep going. I may be talking out my back side and I hope you understand what I said. As I am not the best person at expessing my thoughts and feeling in writing. Hugs and good luck hun xxxx

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