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For the last few weeks I have done nothing but eat biscuits

So as from tomorrow I'm only going to eat 1000 cals and biscuit tin is a no no. I really want to be more healthier and get back on track like I was up to the last 3 weeks.its just that when I get up and see my calorie allowance I think I can eat them and it wont matter.just gonna change my mind set and get on track

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It's good to recognise that fructose can be toxic, and raising your insulin levels too high is detrimental to your health too.

However, if you cut your energy levels too far you will start to crave foods that give you a quick fix.

i have been the same this week, i haven't touched any chocolate or biscuits for three weeks and it didn't even bother me!! but this week i haven't been able to get enough!!. I have felt so proud of myself and felt a lot healthier for not having a sugar overdose, god knows why i sabotage my healthy eating plan, i'm hoping i can stay on track today and put this all behind me,

Good can do it!!!

1000 calories sounds rather low. If you cut your calories too much you will just end up extremely hungry. Have you used the calculator on the NHS website to work out how many calories you need?


I do the same just started pouring hot water over root ginger instead of eating ginger bisquits I am hoping this works! Give it a try.

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